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Holistic Perspectives Of Assessment And Care Management

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This assignment will commence with defining nursing models or assessment tools and indicate the model/tool used on this occasion; it will then lead to a brief introduction of the patient involved who was diagnosed with cardiogenic shock and a possible myocardial infarction. A definition and symptoms of the initial diagnosis will also be given and a social history of the complaint will be offered. Incorporated in the assessment will be how principles such as data collection and history taking were involved. While using the chosen model of nursing a range of problems involved will be identified. Two activities of living that are identified from the assessment including any actual and potential problems that may occur will be identified. How measurable data and the rationale for goals will be identified within the model that was used, together with how the underlying physical and psychosocial perspectives were assessed and the rationale behind this. On concluding a reflection on the strength, weaknesses and consistency or discrepancies of the model chosen will be discussed.Pearson and Vaughan, (1986) see a nursing model as a picture or representation of what nursing actually is, although Aggleton and Chalmers (2000) claim that the aim of a nursing model is for those who use them to understand more fully what they are doing and why they are doing it. The nursing model is used in conjunction with the nursing process according to Roper, Logan and Tierney (1996), who go on to say that individualized nursing is carried out by using the nursing process, which includes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.A nursing model is a concept of what nursing is. Models are used as a tool to assess patient's needs/problems. There are many models of nursing but the two that are more commonly used are, Roper, Logan and Tierney's Activities of Daily Living (1979) and Orem's Conceptual model (Self-care Deficit Model) (1980).Assessment as defined by McFerran (1998) is the initial stage of the nursing process, in which information about the patient's health status is gathered and from which a nursing care plan my be devised. The assessment tool used in this case was Roper, Logan and Tierney's model. Roper et al (1996) claims that to plan the nursing care successfully the nurse will need to be able to assess where there are problems of continuing a sufficient quality and quantity of self-care activity for health and well being.Mr Brown is a pseudonym in order to comply with the confidentiality guidelines set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2002). Mr Brown is a fifty eight year old man who lives with his wife and son in a semi-detached bungalow in a city suburb. He is employed as a police sergeant and is involved in his local church; he is also the chairman of his local neighbourhood watch programme. Mr Brown has been fit and well though slightly over weight, he drinks and smokes moderately. During the last week he has complained of indigestion...

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