Holly Ann Pike Amanda Gunnufsen English Iii April 14, 2014 Texting While Driving Is A Dangerous Game To Play

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Texting while driving is no joking matter. Who is going to be the one who takes an innocent life because of that one text? Research has shown that texting while driving is not only dangerous but is the number one thing that has and is killing people today. There should be no texting while driving from any age group, young or old. The three main reasons why people shouldn’t text and drive are that many people get hurt or killed, society’s negative feelings about this problem and what can be done to prevent this crime.
Texting while driving should be illegal is because it causes it causes horrible wrecks.
Texting while driving is a lot more dangerous than drinking while driving. Talking on ...view middle of the document...

Yates was will knocked out Juan Pablo tried to wake him up but Logan couldn’t come too. Juan Pablo Roncallo had to pull Logan G. Yates out of the burning car before it was too late. Once they both got out safely, Logan G. Yates had to be airlifted to University Medical Center in Jackson. Logan G. Yates suffered internal injuries and is in stable but critical condition. The Altima driver only came out with a broken ankle. This all took place because the Altima driver was texting Jeff Daley. All that pain and suffering happened all because of that one text message. Everyone should just wait to text when they are driving. This only takes five whole seconds for all this to happen.
“The statistics of a person being killed from texting while driving is every one hour four minutes and thirty seconds a teen is killed. Texting while driving is the number one killer of teens in the United States. There are way more killing from texting while driving than drunk driving. Most of the killings are males because they are twice as likely to get killed or injured than females” (“Hard Fact”).” There are so many different reasons why not to text and drive.
We could so many things to prevent this problem from happening, like leaving our phone in the back of the car, have bluetoothing texting, let the passenger text for you, once you get to a certain speed your phone will not be able to text or have a camera in the car and if it catches you texting you get a fine. People have been recently thinking about adding cameras in the new cars, they are calling them CamCars. The CamCar activates whenever they car engine starts up. They have been tested this product in Russia for a few years to see if it would make any of a difference at all. The results came out way better than they imagine it would be. “The results came out seventy three point six percent have been driven better with the CamCar in their car (“Hanson”).” People have been more careful because they could get into a lot of trouble if they messing around and cause a wreck. The first fin that you get for texting while driving or even using your phone period should be a little over five hundred dollars and it raises even...

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