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Holly's Search For Freedom Essay

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Over 200 hundred years ago, African-Americans wanted freedom from white slave owners. African-Americans were treated so bad that they did not know if they were going to make it though each day. African-Americans were not allowed to attend the same schools, use the same restrooms, and use the same water fountain as whites during that period of time. African-Americans had been enslaved to long, so they were used to whites telling them what to do. However, African- Americans wanted freedom, but they lacked stability at the point in time. African-American was going to need stability, just like they wanted freedom, to make it in society. Take Holly Golightly for example, Holly wants freedom, but she lacks stability, which will help her achieve the freedom she wants. In the story Breakfast At Tiffany by Truman Capote, Holly Golightly is a character who wants freedom rather than having stability throughout her life, but soon Holly will realize that freedom will cost her more than she can handle.
First of all, Holly uses freedom as an opportunity to escape from all of her situation that she is faced with. Freedom for Holly is a way to escape from being a scared and skinny 14—year-old child. Holly wants freedom so bad that she chose to leave her immediate family behind. Holly wants “A new birth of freedom” (Lincoln). In order to get “A new birth of freedom”, Ms. Golightly decides that she wants freedom from her new family, which has taking care of her and her brother. While living with this family Holly does not need to do anything because her children made sure that everything is done around the house. Holly feels that people and animals should be free even to the point, when she buys Fred a bird-cage she tells him to, “Promise you’ll never put a living thing in it” (Capote, 59). Mrs. Golightly understands that a bird should have the freedom to fly around and not being limited just flying around in a small cage. However, that is why Ms. Golightly wants freedom so she can experience life, instead of sitting around waiting on other people to take care of her. Freedom for Holly is a way to change how she is living and being limited to her surroundings.
Therefore, stability does not play a major part in Holly life, but Holly foundation will soon be broken. Ms. Golightly has the foundation to make her successful, but Holly does not realize the opportunity that she has. The choice Ms. Golightly makes will cost her more than she can handle because she lacks the stability that she needs. Holly has the stability to make it as part of a family; however, Holly does not have stability to make it as an individual. Stability makes a strong person have the structure that one will need, but once the foundation is broken there is absolutely nothing Holly can do to get back the...

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