Hollywood Damages Individual Life Essay

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Life is not restricted through conformity in Hollywood’s ideas people can decide for themselves for their future and style to live. First, classical or orchestral is more suitable than Hollywood’s rap and pop in music. Classical and orchestral music is peaceful to listen to. Rap and pop music is very repetitive in itself by the artists that sing about the same things most of the time and rappers that rap by using their names. This is not too creative in certain views. Second, professional clothes are more appropriate than the unprofessional clothes that Hollywood portrays. Professional clothes do not necessarily have to be dress attire just clothes that show less than say bikinis. Small clothes such ad miniskirts, v-necks on woman, Speedos, and skinny jeans are uncomfortable and unprofessional. In other words the society of Hollywood has created this culture to think no show no go mentality. Third, Hollywood’s educational views are less informing than an individual thought and deciding their own future through learning new things. Hollywood puts out a lot of ideas through television and music. In the live television shows such as the Kardashians, teen mom, and jersey shore are shows that sucks people into wanting and create drama. These shows teach kids to be rambunctious and disobey laws. This destroys choices that help people with their future and the possibility of an enjoyable life. Music, professional clothes, and learning new things are disputable through individuality rather than conformity amongst Hollywood.
Classical or orchestra music is more suitable then certain Hollywood rap or pop music that has interpretative meaning and is most times to general and well known in the many ideas. This is where many famous singers live such as Christina Aguilera, Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato, Jared Leto from thirty seconds to mars, or Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park. These artists have addictive melodic songs that catch people’s ears depending on how they feel. Thirty seconds to mars creates songs about working together instead of against each other. Cristina Aguilera creates music about love and emotional stages in life and to persevere through it all. Demi Lovato creates melodic music about depressive times and to tell people to stand up and be strong in life. Lincoln Park tells people to stand up and fight through strength and for ideas. These singers catch a person’s ears through soothing melodic music and deep lyrical means. At times rap and pop can be more emotional than listening to classical because of the songs have lyrics to add to the deep melodies. To listen to just music and to listen to music have two definitions. To listen to music is to listen to the generalization of the song but to listen to just the music is to listen to the instruments and how the singer feels about the song. All these bands have great melodic ideas. However, many times these songs are very repetitive. Classical music has more creativity even when...

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