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In today’s world, watching a Hollywood film is like taking a glimpse into the future, especially those regarding science fiction. The Hollywood film industry’s portrayal of the future has influenced the development of some of modern day’s most cutting-edge technology.
Cellular phones are very popular in today’s society, almost everyone has one. They have revolutionized the way we share information, how quickly we receive it and most importantly how we communicate with one another. However, a lot of the cellular mobile phones and other communication tools that we use today can be found in a very popular TV show in the late 60s called Star Trek. Back in the 1960s, Star Trek portrayed a future that we are very familiar with today. The show displayed the use of wireless handheld devices that enabled a user to make and receive calls. In The show, these devices were called communicators. Furthermore, the TV show also portrayed the use of face to face video communication, a form of communication that we are very familiar with today with the use of Skype and facetime. Therefore, Star Trek was a seemly prophetic TV show because we see and use the technologies depicted in the show, in our everyday lives through the use of face time, Skype, Oovoo and our mobile phones.
In the TV show Knight Riders, Mike Traceur is the owner of a K.I.T.T. (3000), a self-driving car. This TV show originally ran on air from September 26, 1982, to August 8, 1986 and back then the mere idea of a self-driving was only a dream. This dream has not become a reality. We are in year 2014, 28 years in the future and cars are now legal in three American states and the U.K as well. This example futures proves the in pact that Hollywood has on the technological invocation. Companies like Google are leading the way in this concept to one day make a self-driving car available to everyone. Knight Riders not only influenced the present day production of self-driving car but the show also influenced the idea of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the ability for a computer system...

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