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It seems as if some people just can’t get enough of the exploratory tabloids of their favorite celebrities, some people still take an interest in celebrities that aren't even around anymore . Throughout Americas Hollywood History the views of women actresses has changed drastically, two very good examples are Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan.The contrast between these two women show a difference in class,culture and time. By researching actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan one would discover the tragic and destructive toll Hollywood glamor that would eventually come to overrun their lives.
In Hampstead, London on February 27th, 1932 Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born. ...view middle of the document...

When the opportunity arose to be cast for Suddenly Last Summer she would receive 500,000 dollars for only eight weeks of work, which at that time, was the most ever earned in that amount of time in her work force, acting. The public had adored her, every step she took would be watched and later published. Maybe it was her acting or the characters she played on screen or maybe it had just been what she was known for best, her violet eyes whichever had been the case, she made millions of people world wide fall in love with her on and off camera.
There had been a time when everyone thought that Elizabeth Taylor had seemed like the perfect example role model, but in the wise words of Robert Frost many people know that “Nothing gold can stay.” In the the Encyclopedia of World Biography the article stated that “Elizabeth Taylor loved her studio responsibilities, the costumes, the make-up and the attention.” As every good publicist knows there is good publicity for their stars and then there is bad publicity, what they don't know is how long the good articles being printed would last, and as for Elizabeth Taylor, it had seemed as if they ran out of praising her and began to judge her off screen, in addition to criticizing her on screen and publishing tabloids about her personal life too.
Every inch and detail of her private life was publicized. One would bet, however that there were parts in Elizabeth Taylor's career that she had probably wished that she didn’t receive so much of the attention she had once desired. The following reasons would be why she wouldn’t want attention focused on her for once. Taylor’s early private life consisted of friendship and romance with Glenn Davis, Bill Pawley, and Montgomery Clift. Eventually she decided to marry hotel heir conrad N. Hilton Jr, the marriage however lasted less than a year. She divorced Hilton at the age of 19 and married a British actor Michael Wilding in February of 1952. They had two sons together. The couple seperated in 1956 and the following year she had married producer Mike Todd. She had gone through the death of James Dean the year before her new marriage, (he passed away shortly after they had finished filming Giant). In that year she also dealt with the death of Monty Clift’s nearly fatal car accident, which she held herself to blame for. He had left her house after one of her parties and he had driven into a utility pole. In March of 1958 Taylor lost her husband Mike Todd, to a (his) private plane crash.
The tide had turned and she wasn’t the person everyone had thought she was. Each incident tested her and pushed her further (emotionally and mentally) over the edge. For a brief time she used pills, hysterics and alcohol for emotional compensation. While battling her depression and addictions she played the most emotional character that she had ever played in the film Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The character which she played was named Maggie. The movie lead her to receive another...

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