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The Holocaust: The Final Solution Essay

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Hitler said die Endlösung der Judenfrage, History says The Final Solution
The evolution of the Final Solution of the Jewish Question was executed in stages. Was the Final Solution truly the answer? During the time of the Holocaust this idea meant different things at different things. The Holocaust was one of the most traumatic and heart-rending killings. Six million Jews are believed to have been killed during the Holocaust. There were over preconceived ideas and political figures. It all evolved from hatred during the biblical ages. There are many reasons to why the Jewish people were despised. The population perceived the Jews as the killer of Jesus. People used the scapegoat of that they are a convenient group to blame. The hatred of the Jews was fueled by the claim that they are the chosen people. Society has viewed the Jews as having prosperity and supremacy. The one that was exaggerated most during the Holocaust was that of the idea that they are an inferior race. Hitler stated a shocking quote in his conversation with Josef Hell in 1922 prior to his power. ! Hitler was the one who proposed that they were the inferior race, and he ran with this concept throughout his life in the public eye. The different meanings of The Final solution were influenced from that current time period that was occurring. Four major occurrences altered and forever left an imprint on the lives of millions. The Anti-Jewish policy, new German governmental departments, the invasion of Poland, and the invasion of the USSR all impacted the meaning of the Final solution.
In the year 1933 is when the idea of The Final Solution began. Adolf Hitler rose to Chancellor in January. The Nazi power was now starting to gain control. This rise to power only lead to the big, the bad, and the ugly! Hitler then went from Chancellor to dictator. This transition of Hitler coming into power began to alter many things in society; one major alteration was that of the policies. The Final Solution began to be created during this time. German anti- Jewish policy makers first began legislation in 1933. This legislation was about German life in the public. This was to exclude Jews the non-Aryans from being employed or having businesses. It was an outcast on professions and organizations. This destroyed many aspects of their public life. Then the German law with restrictions of Jewish students in schools. The numbers had to be followed. If they took away their education, then they wouldn’t be as powerful. Also there was a tax on non-Aryan people in schools also decreased education levels. This is the people looked at it. If they don’t further their education in college and universities then they have no chance of being wealthy. Then some regulations arose about dietary issues and the killing of animals. Without this killing of animals, the Germans were taking away the Jewish dietary laws that the Jews have used since the beginning of their religion. Then in...

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