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Holocaust Experimentation And Concentration Campa Essay

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Many medical experiments went on during the holocaust, mostly in concentration camps. These subjects included Jews, Gypsies, twins, and political prisoners. The experiments included many of these people never survived many were killed for further examination. The Jewish people got the full wrath of the injections, inhumane surgeries, and other experimentations. Twins were also desirable in these experiments to show a controlled group. Gypsies and political prisoners were experimented with, because they were there for the Germans disposal. Thousands of people died in these horrible experiments. These experiments were performed to show how the Jewish race was inferior to the Aryan race.
Many of the subject’s were twins, mostly identical. Twins when through the worst of the surgeries, including blood transfusions. Doctors drained one twin of his blood and inject it into the other twin to see what would happen. Blood would be drawn from each twin in large quantities about ten cubic centimeters were drawn daily. The twins who were very young suffered the worst of the blood drawing. They would be forced to have blood drawn from their necks a very painful method. Other methods included from their fingers for smaller amounts, and arms sometimes from both simultaneously. The doctors would sometimes see how much they could withdraw until the patient passed out or died.

Another form of deadly experimentation were injections of diseases and chemicals. Doctors would inject deadly diseases, including: Typus, Noma, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Typhoid Fever, and Hepatitis. Tuberculosis was a focus during the experiments, one twin would be injected with the live Tubercle Bacillus virus. The reason for this experiment was to find a cure to help the German people defeat the disease.The doctors would wait for the symptoms to occur and let them die. While all this is occurring the other twin had no knowledge of what was happening to their sibling. The other twin was then killed and had an autopsy done to compare the two bodies.
Twins were also subjected to inhumane surgeries: amputations, removing appendages, removing organs, and many more. These surgeries would be often performed without anesthesia, very rarely did they operate with it. The doctors never used anesthesia because it was too expensive for someone who they were planning on killing after they had gotten their results. One experiment performed by the infamous Doctor Mengele. This experiment involved two Gypsy children being stitched together,resulting in the artificial siamese twins. The children’s wounds became infected and soon later died.
Twins were in high demand, when the cattle carts arrived at the camps the officers would look for twins, of any age to experiment on.When the twins arrived, they were forced to strip naked and have their measurements taken. The twins had to have blood drawn and physical inspection almost everyday. Twins were an excellent tool to study the factors of human...

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