Holocaust: Exposing Humanity's Darkest Sin Essay

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Since the Holocaust, a theory has emerged for the real reason Jews were forced into concentration camps. Controversy surrounds this theory, between those who claim Jews were being exterminated inside concentration camps and those who disagree, claiming that this event never occurred in the camps. Holocaust deniers have gathered to discuss the theory whether the Nazis indeed committed mass murder inside these infamous structures. To this day, skeptics are unclear whether these camps were built for extermination and doubt whether this historical event ever occurred. Even though some so-called experts argue that concentration camps like Auschwitz existed, but they were not used for killing Jews, they are incorrect because there is evidence in the surviving Nazi camps of gas chambers, plans of demolishing camps, and controversial claims stated during the war crimes trials.

First and foremost, so-called experts, who dispute that concentration camps were not designed for mass murder are incorrect, because there is evidence of gas chambers inside surviving Nazi camps. Despite this evidence, holocaust deniers recently gathered to discuss their disbelief whether the Nazis used gas chambers to murder six million Jews. Nazila Fathi wrote an article, “Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran,” consisting of details from the conference; where sixty-seven foreign researchers from thirty countries came together to discuss evidence of the Holocaust. During the conference David Duke, an American white-supremacist politician, stated that gas chambers and extermination camps would not have been built during the war; building these would have been too expensive when the Nazis could have created simpler methods of elimination (Fathi). Yet, evidence found in Auschwitz, a surviving structure, reveals that the building was in fact designed to exterminate thousands of Jews. A supporter of this theory is Filip Muller; he was a surviving Jew who was forced to dispose of dead bodies into gas chambers, better known as a Sonderkommando. In his book Eyewitness Auschwitz, Muller explains blueprints found in Auschwitz labeled “Auschwitz II-Birkenau extermination camp.” These blueprints are similar to the surviving concentration camps like Treblinka, Warsaw, and Belzec. In addition, each extermination camp contained crematoriums where thousands of “naked corpses would be dragged across the floor to the ovens” (Muller 14). Another similarity found in the structures, are the crematoriums containing ovens with a depression “roughly 20 to 25 centimeters deep and 1 metre wide” heading straight to the ovens (Muller 14). Based on the measurements found in the structure, the corpses would have been easily transported from the chambers into crematorium ovens. Evidence hints that the Nazis were not concerned with their expenses, because they created similar structures throughout Poland. The surviving structure in Auschwitz is evidence that the Nazis did in fact create gas chambers...

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