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Holocaust: Hitler's Final Solution Essay

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Some would venture to state Adolf Hitler was just a mad man with a chip on his shoulder for the Jews, but he had the inspiration for the deed well before "The Final Solution." The first of these inspirations was the Jewish legends that were told throughout Europe. They covered many different stories, but the overwhelming theme was the carelessness and vile of the Jewish people towards Christians. Most of the tales concerned Christians that sold their children to the Jews in exchange for money, and the Jews sacrificing the child they had just bought like devils, but the most prominent legend is that of the "Wandering Jew." It was also said to be told throughout Germany. The story tells of am aimless Jew who roams the countryside. He says, "I must travel forever throughout the world." He eats no bread but asks, and he paces back and forth wherever he stays for shelter. This story coincides with the legend about the fate of Jesus' betrayer, Judas Iscariot. According to legend, Judas was given a severer sentence than the most painful torments in hell. God commanded him to walk around the world without being able to rise higher or fall lower, and everyday he sees his body hanging from where he committed suicide. These two stories match too awful well. If Judas Iscariot is the "wandering Jew" then he is the evilest person in the world. For it is obvious Jesus Christ was the greatest human being to ever set foot on Earth, and if you would destroy him you would in due form be the most devilish. So now Christians who hear and tell this legend apply the worst person in the world to the Jewish race. Blaming not only Judas for the betrayal of God's only begotten son, but the whole Jewish race.

Probably, the most justifiable inspiration to Hitler's "Final Solution" was the document "On the Jews and Their Lies" by Martin Luther. Luther was a leader in the Protestant Reformation, if not the founder. Also, he established the Lutheran Church, which is still the main denomination in modern Germany. The man even translated the Bible into German through the print revolution.( Noble 415) Hitler studied Luther intently, and if anything found a scapegoat to justify his systematic killing of the Jews. However, he found few opposes of this justification because Luther is such a hero of the Protestant break from the Catholic Church. Basically, he set into motion the legality for everyone to worship including the Methodists, Baptists, Nazarenes, and Brethrens. It is hard to believe that a man of such immortality could say that the Jews were an "inferior people" and deserved to have their synagogues burnt to the ground. But nevertheless Hitler was inspired by the above Legends and Luther enough to magnify Christian attitudes toward Jews. In a sense it wasn't anything new, Hitler just took the action everyone seemingly wanted to take but only spoke of. So as the Nazi's led Jew after Jew into such...

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