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Holy ThursdayHoly Thursday shows it self in both the "Songs of Innocence" and the "Songs of Experience". This poem by Blake depicts the scene of poor children going to church to sing. Though they show the same scene they have two different sides of the story. Holy Thursday from the Songs of Innocence shows poor children "walking two and two, red and blue and green;"(line2) this can show that the children though poor are not uncivilized. The children in this line have a structure of two and are not just running rampant and seam to be happy. The Songs of Experience seam to contrast the feelings of poor children being happy. "In a rich and fruitful land, babes reduced to misery."(s.o.e.L2-3) This shows the children in red, blue and green as miserable when they don't have to be. The speaker of Holy Thursday in the Songs of Experience seams to blame the "Grey headed beadles…"(S.o.I.L3), described as giving order to the children in the Songs of Innocence, as the reason behind their misery. The Songs of Experience talk of them as not giving order but as feeding them "…with cold and unsurous hand?"(s.o.e.L4). This is not talking of feeding them but adding to there hunger and misery. The next part of contrast between the town poems is the songs the children are singing. The songs were supposed to be that of joy and thanks to God for what he has given us. The poem from the Songs of Innocence agrees with this by saying "Now like a mighty wind they raise to heaven the voice of song, Or like harmonious thunderings the seas of heaven among."(s.o.i.L9-10) The children seam happy and content with what God has given them and are willing to thank him joyfully, but the poem from the Songs of Experience thing other wise. "Is that...

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