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Home Analysis

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My home address is 1736 Emeric Avenue, San Pablo, CA. My house is located in Contra Costa County. The nearest fault to my house is the Hayward fault. How do I know that? Well, the city’s community college, Contra Costa College, is close to my house, less than five minutes away and for a long time I have known that Contra Costa College sits on top of the Hayward fault. According to the school officials of Contra Costa College, the school has been moving for more than half a century; as a result of the campus being on the fault, the campus has curved sidewalks and cracked asphalt. Not only does the Hayward fault pass through my city but through other cities as well. Below is a picture from ...view middle of the document...

Mercalli Scale: IX Ground Type: Stiff Soil

Liquefaction: Low
After analyzing the maps provided by my county’s website, I have come into conclusion that the location of my house is very hazardous. The black circles on the maps show the location of my house. According to the maps, my house placed on top of stiff soil, therefore, according to my county website, the chance of liquefaction occurring is moderate to low, which is a good thing, however, the shaking intensity will be a 9 on the mercalli scale. A number 9 on the mercalli scale is very destructive, it means that buildings and pipes collapse, and ground breaks. This is worrisome because this can cause major infrastructure damage, my house, and my family can be in danger. After my extensive analysis I have realized how hazardous it is living close to the Hayward fault. I now know not to expect liquefaction since the soil type is stiff and not soft, but to do expect extreme powerful shaking. It is frightening knowing that the location of my house is very hazardous; therefore, I evaluated my house wondering if my house is safe enough to withstand a high magnitude earthquake.
Furthermore, after doing a research on the topography around my house and discovering that the conditions are highly dangerous, I did some research to find out if my house is safe enough to withstand a high magnitude earthquake. So, the house that I am living in right now is pretty old, it was built in 1944. My house is 1219 square feet, it is a one story single family home, with two bedrooms, with no house over garage, with no over-hangs or chimney, and has a rectangular footprint. This house is made out of wood, which makes sense since the house is located close to a fault; wood is flexible. I moved into this house back in 2006, I tried doing some research looking to see if this house has been retrofitted before, however, I could not find any answers, the only thing I know is that the roof was replaced 2 years ago. Not knowing if the house has been retrofitted is worrisome, because I do not know if the materials in which the house was built still have enough support or strength to keep the house from collapsing during a high magnitude quake like the Hayward earthquake back in 1968. Wondering if my house is safe or not, I took a quiz on ABAG’s website to determine if is safe or not. The quiz consisted in answering simple questions that match the description of your home at the end of the quiz you would get a number and the quiz stated that if that number was more than 13the house needed to be evaluated by experts to see if it is safe enough, unless it was retrofitted in the last few years. My numbers after taking the qui matched the number 13, although the quiz only warns those with a greater number than 13, I will still get someone to evaluate the house to see if is safe enough to keep my family safe. So, after analyzing my home and its location, I have come to a conclusion that it may not be safe enough for...

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