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In the dream, you just look at me.Like I'd never said anything.But your eyes...'Don't do something foolish' you saylike that would change anything...The nonsense of it...And thenNo warningThe ground shakes iceloose.slabs pull waterfeetto bottom...A blur.The gravity of it.You ...view middle of the document...

'Looking fools proof'' he said.Uncertainty is all there is.Have pictures to prove it...With no groundingAll connectionsare digital nowand I don't mean fingers or hands.On.There is no running home to you anymore.Belief is an other story.If you want to arrive, you have to leave, they say.I kickand up floatfeet - mud clouds - and I -in water only shoulder height...Funny it's warm...You warned me I'd find myself.Home less...I did.So don't write my address down in ink.I'm running...still.A fool with pictures to prove homelessness is the fear of being...Still.In your body.The sense of it all. A blur.Look at you at home in your body there.The fear of far from home behind you.Funny. How warm that is.

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Paradoxical Nature of the Perfect Body

800 words - 3 pages the crowd because without proper nutrition, you might as well pack your bag and go home. First off, it is important to realize that the two main goals of decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass impose opposite nutritional demands on the body. However, by closely examining the details of nutrition, one can see that fat and muscle tissue ironically complement each other despite these opposite demands. For instance, in order to gain

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818 words - 3 pages sweating using fresh fruits and buttermilk • Intake of fresh fruit juice like grape juice on daily basis is an effective treatment for sweating. It helps in cooling the body and blocks off sweating. • Another effective home treatment for groin sweating is drinking of buttermilk everyday. Home Remedies for Groin sweating using tomato juice and lime • Tomatoes are effective for treating sweats so drinking its juice for a week is one of the

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630 words - 3 pages De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah Year 9 PASS Term 1 Assessment Task Notification Subject, Year and Topic: Year 9 PASS Systems of the Body Assessment Weighting: 25% Due Date: Week 10, Term 1 Task Description: Your Task (please note there are THREE sections to this assessment task): PART A: Research and complete the attached grid on the given exercises. You are required to complete each section with as much information as possible (muscle

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991 words - 4 pages . There are some accrediting and certifying agencies that home care agencies need to consider and they are: • Medicare/Medicaid programs • Individual state licensing agencies • The Joint Commission • Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) • Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC) The Joint Commission is currently the largest accrediting body in the healthcare industry and it established its Home Care Accreditation Program in 1988

Body Language Communication

1203 words - 5 pages approval of a business associate's suggestion. But flash that sign in France, where it's synonymous with "zero" or "worthless," and your business counterpart might be tempted to close up shop and go home. The same goes in Brazil, where the "OK" sign has prurient significance and is considered vulgar." People are unaware of the messages they are sending to reinforce and accentuate the message they are sending through body language. Waving goodbye


663 words - 3 pages just that meal. Fast Food also has a lot of salt in their food a lot of salt is very harmful for the body. Salt does a lot of things such as affect the heart ,brain, kidney and Artery having too much salt can cause a lot of problems later on including killing brain cells and Etc.Fast food is very convenient when it comes to pricing; fast food is cheaper than cooking something at home. It is very cheap, convenient and very good tasting all of

Body Modification and Self-Worth

1450 words - 6 pages The research compiled within these five articles, pertaining to body modification and self worth, concluded that the correlation is both valid and apparent in teens, young adults and adults. Currently, societal norms are switching what is deemed to be appropriate. Sociologist have taken an particular interest in this new phenomenon, because we are currently stuck in a split society; while many agree with the new wave of body modification, and

Pro-Anorexia Websites

1756 words - 7 pages into the anorexic psyche and body. The websites are sites of contradictions, much like the anorexic psyche and body. They allow non-sufferers a new perspective on eating disorders, but also reveal some of the mixed messages presented everyday in popular culture. Works Cited “Ambrosia Refusal.” Home page. 06 December 2003. <http://ambrosiarefusal.break-her-down.org/>. “Ana’s Journal.” Home page. 08 December 2003. <http

Problem of Personal Identity

578 words - 2 pages functional parts of the twins together who gets to take the man out of the hospital and back home with them, Mrs. Paul or Mrs. Peter. This is in fact a very good question which I believe can only be answered by individual opinion. One may say that the body is more important than the mind so then therefore Mrs. Paul should take the man home. However, one also may say that the significance of the mind overrides the importance of the body and that then Mrs

Heating systems (Radiant Heating)

1202 words - 5 pages installed into new concrete slabs on gravel grade, or to cap an existing floor. Depending on where you live, you can install it outdoors in order to melt ice and snow from driveways and walkways.To understand how your home heating system must perform to keep you comfortable, you have to understand what makes you uncomfortable -- what makes your body feel cold or hot.Your body has its own heating system which helps sustain life. Marvelous though it

The Media and Peer Influences on Body Dissatisfaction”

2306 words - 9 pages One day 6 year-old Taylor came home from school and asked her mother, “Mommy, why is my tummy so fat?... A girl in the bathroom at school asked me why I was fat"(Canning and Wynn 1). The article “Appearance Culture in Nine- to 12-Years-Old Girls: Media and Peer Influences on Body Dissatisfaction” by Levina Clark and Marika Tiggermann tells us that is been said that adolescence is the point when it is most likely for body dissatisfaction to

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388 words - 2 pages I was reading and am now finished with the book Hit and Run by R.L. Stine and I think it was the most fantastic book ever. It's filled with so much action and detail it's unbelievable. I can't wait to read more of his books. What I learned from the characters in my book is you shouldn't take your parents car when they aren't home and practice driving with your friends when you are under age. Also, when you are driving and you accidentally

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1040 words - 4 pages call upon a shaman to find out what needs be done to help the spirit. Everything that is wrong with the body is related to the soul. The body and soul are one entity. To appease the soul and spirits the shaman doesn’t even need to touch the body. The body is just an indicator and home for the soul. Although these two opinions of the body are different both cultures see the body as housing other things. The Hmong see the body as a house for the

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634 words - 3 pages Body FatAmber MendozaSCI 241November 30, 2013Tina Sills Running head: BODY FAT 1 BODY FAT 2 Body FatThe human body is comprised of body fat and lean body tissue. Lean tissue is comprised of bone, muscle, and all the body's internal organs. Having a health body composition is important since a high body fat percentage heightens the risk of many different diseases and disorders throughout your lifetime. According to Mary Grosvenor obesity

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