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Home Burial And The Death Of A Hired Man By Robert Frost English 10 Essay

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Isabel Herrera
English 101
Professor J. Baffa
14 October 2017
Lost In Conflict
The following poems, “Home burial” and “The Death of a Hired Man” by Robert Frost, both included a couple who were conflicted with each other. In Frost two poems, he portrays a story of a couple who disagreed on a subject of matter which was caused by a death and another, which led to a death. Each poem shows a perspective on death, marriage, and communication. The poems are similar since both couples had an argument that did not end well and displays the differences between the husband and wife.
In the poem, “Home Burial,” Frost describes a heated conversation between the wife (Amy) and husband concerning the recent death of their son. The son was buried in the backyard of their home and the poem begins of the wife looking out the window and the husband asking what she is looking at. The wife dislikes the fact her husband’s oblivious and she attempts to leave the house. The husband begs her to stay, “I’ll follow and bring you back by force,” and talk to him about her grief. The father does not understand why the wife is upset with him for displaying his grief in a different way. As displayed in the title, the poem describes the death of a young child, and the death of a marriage.
In Frost second poem, “The Death of a Hired Man,” describes another conversation between a married couple having a disagreement about taking back a former farmworker named Silas. The farmworker is very ill, and the wife is positive he, “has come home to die.” The husband Warren, has not seen Silas in his ill state, but does not want to take him back since he previously left them and refers him being old, “Who else will harbour him.” The wife Mary, is sympathetic and eventually convinces her husband, but when Warren goes to get Silas, he is already, “Dead.”
These two poems, by Frost, show...

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