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Home Depot's Task And Risk Management Plan

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Home Depot has difficulty developing and implementing projects that can improve the product material quality since there are so many vendors, manufacturers and international companies involved. They need to implement a set of standards that every company needs to adhere to by setting acceptable standards across the board whether the company is a local business or a foreign company. Most of the material defective products come from overseas. The process that can afford the opportunity to fix this dilemma is the process known as Six Sigma. This method manages process variations, which cause defects. The company presently has only green-belt qualified personnel, which severely limits their capability. This project will enhance the company's Six Sigma program, identify and address any risks involved to avoid having to address them later on in the project. The purpose behind selecting this process for a project is because Six Sigma has the ability to provide high-performance, reliability, and value to the products Home Depot purchases which offers a better quality product to the customer. The process, initially defined as a metric for measuring defects and improving quality, would set precedence and standardize defective measures for all vendors and suppliers for Home Depot.Tasks and MilestonesIn order to ensure successful implementation of Six Sigma into the daily routine at Home Depot, the project manager has ten tasks to see this project through completion. The project specialists will activate the first task by conducting the necessary research to determine the value of the entire project and complete the research in ten days. The second task will entail doing a risk analysis of the project to bring up any potential areas of concern that could jeopardize the project plan. The project manager and the project team accomplish this task. The third task, performed by Home Depot's IT technicians, involves developing any technical requirements the project may need. The fourth task requires the company's project specialists to develop process standards that will effectively link the company's existing processes to the Six Sigma process. This gives the project manager the opportunity to bring in the corporate trainers to implement the fifth task of developing an effective Six Sigma process that will link to the enhanced processes developed by the project specialists and determine who will attend the necessary Six Sigma training program. The sixth task requires the project manager to bring in Black Belt Corporation's Six Sigma trainers to provide the necessary training to the selected employees and complete the training by certification. The seventh task will be the implementation of the Six Sigma training into Home Depot's daily processes by the project manager, the project team and the corporate trainers. The eighth task requires the project manager and the project team to provide measures for success that establishes the procedures that will monitor the...

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