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Part I: Burn treatment and what not to do to burns. Care for a burn is best if done by a professional. The healing may take several months. For any degree burn run it under cool water to stop the burning pain. Then, when the burn stops, cover with sterile coverings such as gauze or bandaging to prevent infection. DON'T put ice on a burn unless it is very minor like a burn on your finger from a hot stove. DON'T put pressure on a burn no matter how severe or minor it may be. DON'T put ointment on a burn unless it is very minor, otherwise it would just seal the burning in. If it is very minor you can put ointment such as Neosporin on it. If you get blisters from a burn DON'T pop them, it will increase chance of infection. While waiting for professional help keep the burn cool and clean. Constantly check for any sign of infection. For severe burn victims lay them down if they are having trouble breathing. Keep the burned part of the body raised at all times if possible. Part II: Sunburn. To prevent sunburn stay out of the sun between 10:00am and 2:00pm because that is when the sun is the strongest. If you are in the sun during these hours be sure to apply sunscreen fifteen to thirty minutes before going out into the sun. Part III: Chemical burns. In certain laboratories, where people may work, there may be chemicals that can burn the skin and eyes on contact. Household items can cause chemical burns if applied to the eyes. Some examples are, cleansers, lawn and garden spray, paint remover, and...

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2300 words - 9 pages (Burns & Grove, p 110). Theoretical literature reviews contain models, theories, concept analysis or conceptual frameworks that relates to the problem. An empirical literature review contains published or unpublished studies on the subject (Burns & Grove, p 111).The literature review in this article contained empirical literature information. Three separate studies identified concepts that affected the need for implementing family

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1792 words - 7 pages ., & Rockart, J., F. (1981). A primer on critical success factors. (Sloan Working Paper No. SWP-1220-08368993). Cambridge, MA: Center for Information Systems Research, Sloan School of Management 2003-04-29T04:54:15Z 2003-04-29T04:54:15Z 1981. Retrieved from OAIster; OCLC Retrieved from Burns, R. B., & Burns, R. A. (2008). Business research methods and statistics using SPSS. London: Sage Publications Ltd. Girden, E. R

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2054 words - 8 pages participants, who had no new information to offer (Baird & Pierce, 2001). Based on these observations, the smaller sample size was adequate for this study.In what way was the setting in which data were collected an appropriate one for this study?The interviews took place in a private, quiet, well-lighted room at the cardiac therapy center and allowed for reflective silence at any time the participants desired (Baird & Pierce, 2001). According

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2891 words - 12 pages social acceptance through which support from family and friends is imperative. Measuring and Assessing a Pediatric Burn A burn is categorized based on the layers of skin that it impacts. The superficial integumentary layer is known as the epidermis and the inner, thicker layer is the dermis. First degree burns impact only the epidermis while second degree burns extend to the dermis. A third degree, or full thickness burn, destroys both layers of

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1277 words - 5 pages locate relevant information (Polit & Beck, 2013). Databases are searchable indexes designed to help locate information on a specific topic. Keywords and phrases are often used to search databases, allowing for the specific concept or topic to be searched (Burns & Grove, 2010).A key aspect of the literature review is not only evaluating the articles for review, but also documenting how the search was conducted (Aaron, 2008). In the method section

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