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Home Remedy for Sun Allergy
Sun allergy also known as photosensitivity, is the body’s immune system overreaction to sun rays. People having dark to light skin tones can develop this allergy. The exact cause for this reaction is unclear. Researchers believe that it may be because the light radiated from the sun causes changes in some parts of the skin. This sun-altered skin is like an alarm to the immune system which identifies it as a foreign substance. This then triggers it to launch an attack by producing antibodies and as a result the allergic reaction occurs in the skin.
At some instance, chemical products applied on the skin may cause an allergic reaction when exposed to the sun.

Difference Between Sun Allergy and Sunburn
Sun allergy is different from sunburn; it is the immune system reacting to sun rays, whereas sunburn means the exposure to exceeding amount of ultraviolet or sun rays that causes the melanin-body’s pigment to protect the skin.

Types of Sun Allergy
Some of the common type of sun allergy is given below
• PMLE or polymorphous light eruption is an inherited kind of sun allergy and is a hereditary condition.
• Photoallergic eruption is an allergy that reacts to the chemical applied to the skin.
• Actinic prurigo (hereditary PMLE) is an allergic skin rash which occurs due to minimum exposure to sunlight.
• Solar urticaria (hives) in this condition the patients develop hives after being exposure to sun.

Sun Allergy Test
This may include one of the following tests that cause skin reaction on the account of being exposed to the sunrays.
• Photopatch test: this type of test is done by the doctors if they suspect any kind of sun allergy
• UV light testing is used to check how the skin reacts to the different wavelengths of light generated from a special type of lamp.
• Skin samples and blood test is another kind of test the doctor can ask for, if the symptoms of the allergy occur.

Sun Allergy Symptoms
The symptoms of sun allergy can vary from a minor rash to severe case of hives depending on the type of sun allergy.
• In case of PMLE, within the first two hours of exposure to the sun it produces a burning sensation along with an itchy rash. The rash appears on the neck, arms, upper chest, lower legs and other areas exposed to the sun rays. Followed by this there may be one or two hours of chill, nausea, malaise. This may also cause red plagues which is usually flat and have raised areas. Small fluid of blisters and also...

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