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Home is the Sailor: Novel ProjectRobin Lee Graham, protagonist and author of "Home Is The Sailor" does an excellent job of portraying the benefits of "the simple life." In his previous book Robin sails around the world and focuses on adventure. However in this novel he slows it down and shows readers that there is just as much fun to be had while living a quiet rural life in remote Montana. In a modern society it is easy to get sucked in to technology and become obsessed with wealth. Often at times it is easy to forget that what really matters is a loving family and food on the table. Lee Graham pulls readers heart strings when he reminds readers that it is possible to be entirely content with only a few dollars in ones bank account and a roof over ones head.In a culture consumed by social media, it is important more now then ever to present oneself as a "happy shiny person." All posts must be about happy encounters or incredible achievements. When people look at social media they see the best parts of people's lives, and therefore feel inferior and as though they must compete. This is why Robin Lee's novel is so compelling. He and his wife leave behind modern society and everyone they know and move to the woods of Montana. They are determined to live off the land, and entertain themselves with nature. Together they find that when they are no longer bound by the constraints of society and what is accepted as the "social norm," they are much happier.About half way through the book, Lee Graham addresses the question that he was so often asked; "What do you do in your spare time, and do you not get bored?" Lee Graham claims to never recall having a moment of boredom. In a culture today that is so fast paced, and yet still laced with boredom, many...

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