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Home Is Where The Fandom Is: An Examination Of Pop Culture Blogs

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The average person does many different things to relax after a long day, perhaps even a long week at work. They escape the daily stresses of life by any means necessary, finding solace in the back of a smokey club, at the bottom of a wine bottle at a friend’s apartment on a Saturday night, perhaps in the confines of an old book at their local library. For some people, however, this place of leisure, relaxation, and escape is not a physical place with walls and doors, but a place that can only be seen through a single window; that of their computer screen. The internet houses many types of blogs, but Tumblr happens to be one of the most intriguing of blog hosting sites. Tumblr possess a user friendly structure that can allow individuals from all ages and levels of technological skill to create an online atmosphere customized by them. The Tumblr community is broken into sections based on specific interests and types of blogs. Some blogs center around fitness and health, others around photography or travel, and others even examine adult content or subjects otherwise considered to be too taboo to discuss elsewhere. The concentration of this examination will focus on pop culture blogs that are often referred to as “fandoms,” centralizing around individuals who are fanatical about various television shows, book series, movie franchises, and other creative works.
An individual may find a typical fandom-centric Tumblr experience to be as follows: upon entering the url, the signature medium blue gray colour with the trademark white boxes surrounding each posting that will appear on your dashboard. When you elect to follow someone else’s blog, these blogs will appear on your dashboard, or dash. When examining a specific post, you may see options to reblog this item, expressed by a tiny green square made of arrows which will repost the item to your blog, or a small heart which will add this post into a section of posts called your favorites. At the bottom left of each post, the notes for a post is listed. Notes are the amount of times that a post has been reblogged or liked. Often times the amount of notes is commented on by a poster. When a person is surprised that the amount of notes is high or is increasing rapidly, a statement like “OMG, the NOTES!” will be added to a post, or if something is important and should be reblogged, an individual will often ask “Why doesn’t this have more notes?”. Sometimes the comments for a post were written not on the post itself but in the tags. Tags are supposed to be used to make types of posts searchable, and thus more easily found by someone who is not currently following a blog. However, tags can also be used to add comments that can often be in a passive aggressive tone, or simply provide additional information about the post.
Beyond the technical aspects of Tumblr in general, there is an extensive vocabulary specific to members of fandoms. There are many fandoms, but the three most prevalent ones would be for...

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