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As Bedouin, my family for generations had to move temporary many times to places where there is enough food and water. However, they had their houses located in a village called " Te'hen ". Whenever there is rain, in a place near them, they go for months then they return to their village. In addition, they stayed in groups to protect themselves. Furthermore, they had their livestock travel with them. They had a closed community; they all knew each other and related by blood. My great grandfather, my grandfather and my father all migrate in their lives.
My great grandfather from my father side; is one example of the head of the family. As the head of the family, he supposed to stay at the ...view middle of the document...

As the Arabic saying says, "When a merchant is broke, he goes back to his old records" my grandfather reviewed his record and then traveled to collect the debt. On his way to collect the money, he found my grandmother and marry her.
After that, he heard about a new project in of the holy cities, he went there with his family and relatives. There were different kind of jobs. My grandfather experience helped him to get a job. He stayed at the city of Makkah with his family and his relatives. They lived near each other as small community. The project finished after three years. Because of that, my grandfather had to leave to find a job for himself and his relatives.
At that time, he heard about available jobs in the city of Jeddah so he decided to go there. He worked as a guard for a second time in his life. Then he brought his relatives to Jeddah and he created a small community. He became the head of the family at Jeddah. At this city my father born.
My father had to leave Jeddah to work at the oil company. In a place called "Dammam". The company send him to the U.S. to get a bachelor degree in engineering. He lived four years in U.S. where my big brother born. After that, he returned to Dammam and he lived five years there. Then he completed his studies in Canada and then returned to work in sea. My mother lived at Jeddah.
For nineteen years, my father lives between Jeddah and the ship on the sea. Two weeks at work and one week at his house in Jeddah. This situation helps me understand that a person have to go wherever they find comfortable work conditions even if that means to leave your home. Related to that, when the chance came to me to leave my home and come to the U.S. to study I took it.
I did not feel native in Jeddah because I used different dialect from the delicate in the area. And sometimes people in Jeddah did not understand me. In my childhood, I was trying to change the way I speak so I can feel I belong to the place. However, I stopped when I enter a big school that had all different dialects. All...

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