Home Lunches Are Better Than Cafeteria Food

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When your looking into weather you want your child should eat food from home or the cafeteria, or whether they should pack lunches from home, there are lots of things to consider. While considering these options, I learned those lunches that are packed from home are much better for the child. School lunches are expensive, and home lunches are healthier. Also, home lunches teach children about being responsible and it teaches them how to take care of themselves. Thse thing are important because they have long lasting effects.

The first thing that parents look at when they buy lunches for their children is how much lunches cost. One thing that most parents have noticed, is that school lunches are not as cheap as lunches that you would bring from home. School lunches can be expensive, not only because of the food, but because the companies have to pay the cook, the server, the cleaners, and all of those people who work for the company. Asking children to pack their own lunches can save a family up to more than $50 a month. This is one advantage that home lunches have on your family.

Home lunches are better for children too. Studies show that food that children bring from home is healthier for the children. Foods bought from a school cafeteria also cause a lot of weight problems. These foods are not well balanced, and often include unhealthy deserts, and snack. Obesity is the number one cause for heart problems in America, so we should try to encourage the children to make healthy choices, and pack lunches from home.

Another reason to pack lunches from home, is that children these days tend to be picky eaters. If a child doesn’t like what is served, then they wont eat it. Student who don’t eat full lunches are shown to do poorly on test, and have trouble studying. Food is a very important part of a person’s day, and if...

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