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Home Of The Brave By Katherine Applegate

946 words - 4 pages

Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate is the story of an African boy, Kek, who loses his father and a brother and flees, leaving his mother to secure his safety. Kek, now in Minnesota, is faced with difficulties of adapting to a new life and of finding his lost mother. He believes that his mother still lives and would soon join him in the new found family. Kek is taken from the airport by a caregiver who takes him to live with his aunt. It is here that Kek meets all that amazed him compared to his home in Sudan, Africa. Home of the brave shows conflicts that Kek faces. He is caught between two worlds, Africa and America. He feels guilty leaving behind his people to live in a distant ...view middle of the document...

Quickly, Kek takes over the job of caring Lou’s cow and even names the cow, Gol, a name that symbolizes “family” in his mother tongue (Applegate, 50).
Despite the fact that Kek had found something to console his identity, things get harder and harder as later, Hannah plans to sell the cow. This despondent Kek, he is filled with wide-eyed amazement and he gets unalloyed enthusiasm. Even worse, he goes through insults due to the stereotype associated with being African. His tribe, language, and culture are never identified; his personal traits like age and appearance are either omitted or considered vague. He even wonders saying, “This pain is worse, one without pity like an icy night. This pain is a question the one my head will not stop asking; why am I here when so many are not?"(Applegate, 34).
Life is not as desirable as Kek could have thought before. While taking care of the cow, he feels better to associate himself with his identity but something bad happens again. Kek finds out that Lou will sell the farm, meaning that the good part of taking care of the cow will be no more once the farm is sold. He is quite devastated and tries to run away but he does not get far. His conscience tells him to stop and see the cow, and it is at this point that his cousin engages in a conversation with him. However, they both share the pain of watching their families' die, a factor that brings them much pain. Kek feels guilty on why he survived and he even hates it that he survived the tragedy.
As he waits to hear from his...

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