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Home Remedies For Sinus Infections Essay

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Sinus is basically an inflammation in the nasal passage. Coughing, sneezing, feeling tired and achy are the common symptoms of sinus. This indicates the sinus condition. Suffering from sinus may have different types of headaches as well, like tension headache, cough headache, eye strain headache, sore throat headache, blurred vision headache. One may also suffer from headache nausea.
The symptoms of sinus infection depend on it is chronic or acute. Signals vary from person to person. There are basically two types Acute Sinusitis and Chronic Sinusitis. If it lasts for a few days is known as acute sinusitis, whereas if it last for more than three months it is called Chronic Sinusitis. Acute sinusitis is more painful, whereas chronic sinusitis is less painful. Most common symptoms

• Running nose
• Sneezing or coughing
• Headache in the temple or surrounding areas
• Frequent clearing of throat
• Discharge of mucous from the nose and nasal congestion.
• Worse headache after waking up in the morning or bending forward or riding an elevator.
• Fever
• Itching in nose and eyes
• Bad breath
• Eye and face pain
• Feeling of tiredness or weakness
• Reducing sense of taste and smell

Other symptoms are ear-ache, tenderness and swelling behind the ear.
Hoarse voice and sore throat caused due to post-nasal drip. Eye region swells due to spread of infection from sinuses to eyes. Vomiting with severe headache happens due to spread of infection to the brain. Pain in teeth, upper jaw and cheeks are also experienced and often mistaken as tooth ache.
The basic home remedy if one want to start with is take plenty of rest and drink lots of water to remain hydrated. Quit smoking and avoid smoke stuffed areas. Avoid self-medication. Some antibiotics can clear sinus infection. Cleansing and comfort measures will speed up the healing process. Herbs like feverfew and passion flower are quite beneficial. These are some of home remedies available to start with. We often think that sinus can’t be cured. It is controllable and impact can be reduced.
A few drops of eucalyptus oil or pine in hot water can be inhale. This helps in curing congestion. Chewing horseradish root or imbibing soups made with garlic provide short-term relief to congestion. Simple garlic soup or chewing garlic also helps in curing sinus. Proper meals and complete rest also cure the disease. Keeping body hydrated by drinking lots of fluid is also very effective. Smoke stuff places and pets should be kept away from home and air purifier needs to be installed at...

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