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Home Schooling; A True Definition Of Education?

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Home Schooling, properly understood, is education by parents. In the past five years the number of Home School Families has nearly tripled. “Florida’s annual survey of homes, that the population is growing at around 15 to 20 percent per year.”1 For many different reasons, Parents are losing faith in the School System and are turning to home schooling as an alternative. Possibly the safety and quality of the American Schools are causing so many Parents to turn away from them. Although critics and some educators find their own flaws in the Home Schooling method, it has proven to be very successful. Home Schooling neither isolates children nor harms their academic growth, it does however come close to the true definition of education.Critics point out as one fatal flaw in Home Schooling, students miss out on important opportunities to gain the social skills they need to prepare them for the real world. “A study by Dr. Bryan Ray of the national home education research institute found that an average home schooled student participates in 5.2 activities per week outside of home.”1 The Home is the best place to begin developing social skills, not just for the early years but for all of the childhood years. Some critics will say that it is not preferable for Home School students to spend more time with adults to learn. Home Schooling does not mean that they are isolated from their peers. These students will get involved in Music, Dance, Drama, Art Classes, Visit Museums and zoos. They join Homes School groups or local Churches and form athletic teams, participate in book clubs and scout groups. Home School students have more time to get involved in special interests and get the healthy socialization children need. Home Schooling can take much less time Public School schooling, since you don’t have to teach a classroom of students, spend time at recess or breaks, or go through six classes a day. “A study done by Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan found that children educated at home do not become social misfits. In fact, it found that more than three quarters of them believe that home schooling had helped them interact with people from different levels of society.”1 None of this means that every home school student is socially well-adjusted or that home schooling is the only way for parents to raise a child successfully. However, These studies do suggest that a home schooling offers more than just educational benefits.The assumption that Home School parents are not expert enough to teach is based on faulty definition of education. Outcome based on education recognized that students need to develop and learn at their own pace. Each student has different needs, specialties and interests. Students need their own individual attention and assessment which in a Public School, this is not accomplished. However, Home School Parents and Educators do have this ability. Parents have One Hundred percent involvement with...

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