Home Schooling And Public Schooling: The Best Alternative

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Although their is a huge debate whether home schooling or public schools is the best schooling for a student, the answer lies in the middle; a mix of both produces the best well rounded students. Being home schooling and public schooling created students who are prepared for college and have the social skills needed to be active and prosperous in their community. Home schooling draws skepticism of whether or not a student is socially prepared for college, while public schools draw the question on whether they go over enough information to keep a student interested. As the home schooling numbers gather, public schools are trying to incorporate classes to assist home schooling parents in subjects that they need assistance teaching; thus another teaching revolution is being born, its not home schooling, but its not public schooling either; it's a careful prescription of the two.In Michael Romanowski essay, "Common arguments about the strengths and limitations of home schooling," he discusses the pros and cons of home schooling. He states that the main reason parents choose home schooling is "to strengthen the quality of their relationships with their children," though parent-child teaching a bond is secured and strengthened (3). This is because a parent must invest much time to watch and teach their child what they like and may not like to learn, which gives the child a great source of self worth. He states, as his third strength of home schooling that "education is not exclusively about a child's intellect; it also includes character," this is aimed at parents feeling that their "view of morality and their deeply held beliefs and values are not being adequately taught in public schools, if at all," that says that parents choose home-schooling to engrave sense of their religion, morals or values into their child, without the outside grasp of society changing those beliefs before they get time to set (3). This seems that it's the major reason parents choose to home school. Seeing that enforces that some public school must be in order to sand the edges of a most likely lacking academic horizon. Romanowski then goes on to say that home schooling, "easily allows teachers to adjust the curriculum and instruction to fit the individual needs of students," which is probably the second biggest reason for parents' home schooling (4).Then Patricia Lines article, "Home schooling comes of age," she states, "...the most exciting development in the home-schooling world is the emergence of partnerships between public schools and home schools...," this excerpt shows that a partnership between public schools and home schooling students can be a huge revolution in the way a child gets his education and world outlooks (5). Parents themselves learned specific regions of the education world, and it's only sensible that public schools, which have certified teachers, help with the subjects the parents are weak on. Lines also points out "Washington public schools must...

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2870 words - 11 pages education and the effects of an at home education. Koetzsch, R. E. (1997). The parents guide to alternatives in education. Boston: Shambhala Publications INC. This book consisted of several alternative options to public schooling. There was a specific chapter on home schooling that I used in my paper. Pride, M. (1990). The big book of home learning. Illinois: Crossway Books. This book explored all aspects of home schooling. It is

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