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Home Schooling Or Public Schooling Learning Environment Is Better For Children

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It is important to note that it is a right for the children to have a quality education. In this aspect, reasonable learning environments are a critical factor contributing to children education. All parents want their children to have an access to quality and better education. In the quest for such, parents always seek learning environments with competent teachers and better learning facilities. It is therefore, common to see parents always having a choice to make between taking their children to public schools, private school or have the children taught at home. Different opinion about home schooling and public school has recently been a subject of contention. Either way, the two forms of learning should offer the learning child with a better education. Nevertheless, each of the two forms of learning environments should be supported by valid arguments as discussed below.
Home Schooling
In the recent times, home schooling has been the most sought mode of learning by the American parents. In fact, it estimated that over 1 million children in America are now undergoing home schooling (Cooper, 2005). Although this form of learning is legally acceptable, parents are entrusted with teaching and coaching their children in all subjects. In addition, parents can also hire private tutors for their children as part of home schooling. This form of learning is aimed at ensuring that parents commit themselves in ensuring their children are able to learn like other kids in public schools.
Personalized attention
Home schooling offers a child with personalized attention (Hassel & Hassel. 2004). This is an alternative that ensures that a child is able to get proper attention and eventually is able to learn difficult subjects like science and mathematics. Compared to public schools, it is evident that personalized attention in a public school cannot be achieved unless through specialized lessons. Public school teachers are overwhelmed with responsibilities of ensuring that a curriculum is properly followed within the prescribed time frame. In home schooling, a parent is in a good position to immediately identify any educational need that his or her child requires. In this aspect, identification of educational needs is complemented by effective learning strategies and teaching methodologies for the child and the parent respectively. A public school may not be the best place to offer special education. A teacher in a public school will require additional time or special teaching skills in order to address all special needs in each child in the classroom.
Better grades
Every education institution aims at ensuring that children attain better academic grades. In this aspect, various research findings have pointed out that home schooling is the most ideal learning environment for children who want better grades (Hassel & Hassel, 2004). In home schooling, a parent can ensure that a child is accorded extra time for every difficult topic or subject. In fact, more...

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