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Home Schooling Vs Public Schooling Essay

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Public schools throughout the United States have been a disgrace to today?s society. It has been found a danger for some students to attend. Private schools can be extremely expensive for the average family. Tuition for these schools could easily drain a families savings account or put them in debt. Children cannot get the edification that they need in a public school, because a normal student to teacher ratio is 25:1. Other distractions in classrooms also inhibit a child from getting the proper learning environment that they need. Home schooling may expand jobs and would be less stressful for the mentors and families. In conclusion, home schooling would cut down on state taxes, violence among peers, and stress for the teachers, this would also enhance student to teacher ratio, for those who still go to public schools, education, and would benefit the student, so that he or she can work at their own individual pace.The main argument for the parents and students supporting public schools is when will the home schooled children get time to socialize? In 1992 Larry Shyers did a study in Florida, where he examined the behavior of thirty-five home school students and thirty-five public school students. In this project, he found that home taught students were less competitive and generally more patient. They also did not fight as much and gave out their numbers and addresses more behaving like young adults. Thus proving that they are fine socially, if not better. Also, considering that they will not have to deal with the peer pressures of other students, they will stay out of trouble and can concentrate on their work more, and this will benefit them as they grow older when it is time to go to college.Secondly, S.A.T scores for home schooled children in 2000 was an average 1100, compared to 1019 for the public schools. Also, a large study by the University of Maryland education researcher Lawrence Rudner showed that the average home schooled child scores in the 75th percentile on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, the 50th percentile was the average mark for public schools. This is no secret to parents out there,...

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