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Special Product Group ProjectOnBRAND LOYALTY IN RELATION TO HOME TEXTILESSubmitted byJISHITHA.MPRIYANKA RAJANALAUnder the supervision ofMs.Harleen SahniDepartment of Fashion Management Studies (FMS)National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of IndiaGH-0 Road, Behind InfocityGandhinagar382007. Gujaratwww.nift.ac.inOctober,2014DECLARATIONWe declare that we have completed the Special Product Group project on the topic "Brand loyalty in relation to home textiles". We also declare that all the taken data has been acknowledged by us. We have put in efforts to complete this Special Product Group project successfully.………………………………………………………..JISHITHA.MPRIYANKA RAJANALAMFM-III2013-15ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe, Jishitha Mohan and Priyanka Rajanala, take this opportunity to thank our mentor Ms.Harleen Sahni for providing us with an interesting project and guiding us throughout the project and also for helping us to explore new things. We thank NIFT for adding this module in our curriculum and providing us an opportunity to get hands- on experience of Home Textiles Industry. We would also like to thank our other faculty members for their encouragement and support for guiding us in documenting our work and knowledge gained through this module.INTERVIEWEE


Mode of interview


Contact No.

Mr.Suneel Mohnot

President commercial (welspun India Ltd)

(conference call)

Home textiles


Ms. Shalu Zala

Brand manager (welspun India Ltd)


Home textiles



Design thinker (welspun India Ltd)


Home textiles


Mr.Sunil George

Brand Manager Reliance Communication




OBJECTIVESI. To understand the formation and strengthening of brand loyaltyII. Study of supply chainIII. Understanding the various marketing strategiesINTERVIEWSGroup Interview:Mr. Suneel Mohnot - President (Commercial) at Welspun IndiaMs. Shalu Zala - Brand Manager at Welspun IndiaMs. Rajlakshmee - Design Thinker at Welspun IndiaIntroduction and since how long have you been working with WELSPUN? At what position? Job Description.Over all experience of 30 years in the industry. Currently president commercial and SBU head auto textiles. Last one year working with Welspun India ltd before that I was working with reliance industries limited - textile division for 17 years. Various experience of variety of products right from whole value chain of textiles and handled set up business also home furnishing, Auto textiles, fibre, yarn that is required value chain. As Business -head, have been exposed to all the functional areas of a company/ business. As Commercial head, have handled purchases, logistics including for imports and exports.An independent and...

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