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Homecoming At The University Of Arizona

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Every year thousands of students, parents, alumni and other participants come back to the University of Arizona for Homecoming weekend. This eventful get together consists of class reunions, the Homecoming football game, dinners, celebrations and many other gatherings with the Wildcat family. 92 years and counting, homecoming has been a tradition of the University, which allows anybody involved or who was involved with U of A to join. This annual event has plenty of history contributing to the gathering of thousands of people each year to celebrate it.
In 1914, The University of Arizona held its first Homecoming after the football team beat Pomona College in front of thousands of ...view middle of the document...

As traditions of homecoming events continued on to grow, parades created new events like the fire burning for the King and the Queen. Elections for homecoming King’s and Queen’s kept getting denied until 1983, which allowed the University of Arizona to be able to elect and crown a Homecoming King. Later on in 1988 the tradition of crowing the king and queen at the pep rallies and the bonfire by Old Main began. Due to construction and new buildings created in the school, the Homecoming parade moved around a lot. Up until about the 1970’s, the parade had originally been held in the streets of downtown Tucson, but soon after the completion of the UA Mall the parade was moved there and continues to be held there today. Many traditions, such as the “Tents on the Mall” event, are created on the UA Mall. This tradition was started in 1985 on the western part the UA Mall, and was one of the most popular events of Homecoming weekend other than the football game. This exciting event allows fraternities, sororities, alumni, and students to set up entertainment, socializing, and food, bringing all wildcats together as one. Since then, this event has evolved into virtually taking up the entire Mall, as it is now one of the largest parade celebrations in the nation.
Another event that occurs during Homecoming is the Bear Down Bash. This popular Bash includes a cocktail hour, dinner, presentation of the Homecoming royalty, and entertainment by the UA Pep Band. The Bear Down Bash indicates the beginning of the Homecoming celebrations. One time that this tradition changed momentarily was when “in 2000 with the construction of Bear Down Gym, the bash was renamed "Tear Down Bash" and was temporality...

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