Homefront U.S.A. America During World War Ii By Harlan Davidson

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Allan M. Winkler. Home Front U.S.A. America during World War II. Illinois:Harlan Davidson. 2000.The book Home Front USA was about life in America during World War II. It is basically a text book that goes in great detail about the home front in USA during the war. The purpose of the book was simply to educate people of what went on in America during the war. He really focuses on the popular mood of the time and public policy of the time. The book is split up into four chapters. The first chapter deals mostly with mobilization in America. It tells about how businesses reacted to the war and how we paid for the war as well. The second chapter deals with American society during the war. It told how people reacted to the war and what people were like during the war. The third chapter deals with women and the different ethnic groups and how the war affected them. The fourth chapter deals with politics during the war.The beginning of the book shows how President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was the president at the time of WWII, dealt with the war. Winkler had nothing but praises about FDR and what he did. In the late 30's, Roosevelt started to worry because war in Europe was threatening and our technology and army were very poor. America was still recovering from WWI and we were very sluggish. In 1939 when the war broke out in Europe the president recognized how important American production would be on the war effort. He asked congress for $1 billion for the production of 50,000 planes. Roosevelt appointed a War Resources Board to examine the needs of the economy. He also created the Office of Production Management in 1941. He did this to stimulate the industrial production and resolve labor and raw materials problems. This agency failed because it lacked the statutory authority to back up the requests. The failure led to the War Production Board in 1942.Winkler says that conversion to a war economy was not easy. The government needed the assembly lines of the automobile industry to build tanks and planed but the auto industry was in no hurry. With the country recovering from the economy people were buying cars again and the car industry was focusing on the consumers and not the war. However, when conversion finally began there was no stopping it. The car industry was building plants all over. The industrial system became more regimented then it had ever been.The second chapter deals with the popular mood of the people during WWII. Winkler claims that Americans had a sense of shared purpose once they entered the war. The Pearl Harbor attack jolted the nation. The attack led to many rumors like the Japanese are coming, and the golden gate bridge had been bombed. Americans recognized almost instinctively that Pearl Harbor marked a turning point in their lives. After the attack, nothing would ever be the same. War meant adjustments to new patterns and disruptions to be overcome, and forced a rapid growing up.During World War II, there were many...

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