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Homeland Security Essay

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On September 11, 2001 a series of attacks were planned on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Washington, D.C. On this day, I remember, after my fifth grade teacher received the news of the attacks, she turned on the television. At this age I could not come to grips of why this was happening. I was saddened to watch the buildings burn down knowing that on the inside lives of people were being lost. Now, almost a decade later, the attacks on 9/11 has left a long-term effect on the United States. The aftermath of 9/11 caused America to be vulnerable to terrorism. It affected every race across the U.S. causing some to be racially profiled because of the race that was “assumed” to be ...view middle of the document...

The report goes further to enforce tactics through nation-by-nation help. By doing so, the U.S. should improve their relationship with specific countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia to achieve these objectives. In hopes of gaining similar interest in fighting violent extremist, former President Bush even extended the heights of addressing the conflict between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Using global strategies, the nation plan to use vast sources to prevent and protect this country. In order to enforce the recommendations the U.S. must fit the expenditures in the budget. The budget will cover expenses on Iraq and Afghanistan, international affairs, and the Homeland Security Department. The 9/11 Commission report played a great deal on the formation of the department of Homeland Security. To prevent terror attacks like 9/11 from happening again, Former President Bush created the department of Homeland Security.
President Bush responded to the attacks by presenting the world with the department of Homeland Security. The Homeland Security Act was created the year after the attacks to try and improve coordination among the security related bureaucracies. Homeland Security can be broken down into various departments. Some departments would handle securing borders and others would handle analyze homeland security intelligence. Developing many departments under H.S. will help organize different tactics and special needs. However, it is a very complex and difficult job, an overwhelming amount of information must be shared and filtered daily. As technology increases, the system the department uses must increase with it. Terrorists may attack at any point and they will change plans to attack a less protected target randomly. The Department of Homeland Security must make decisions and decide which possible targets to give the highest priority based on the information available.
The Loose Change 2nd Edition gives a conspiracy side of the concept of 9/11. This video breaks down the events that took place with implementations that the U.S. government posed an imaginary crisis. With the help of scientific analysis and common sense, the makers of this film shine light on the inconsistency in the official statements of 9/11. The facts presented in this film seem suspicious evidence to a planned crisis. A tower guard recalled that on the 6th of September that security was lifted and bomb-sniffing dogs were brusquely removed. The video showed that flashes were going off floors below were the plane had crashed. Could there have been bombs previously placed in the building? The film’s viewed that idea as a demolition job. In addition...

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