Homeless And Abused Women Essay

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Many women in the world are faced with domestic violence. Some of these women do not have the strength to leave the man who is abusing them. Other women leave the home or relationship and will find themselves in poverty or even worse, homelessness. They aren’t always trapped in homelessness alone, sometimes they have either children or pets. If domestic violence is prevalent in a relationship a woman can either be trapped or it can lead to homelessness and in most cases being homeless is the better option and for many women who have been abused it can be hard for them to get back on their feet, especially if they have children.
For my service work I went to The Shade Tree, it is an organization for homeless and abused women as well as children and their pets. While working at The Shade Tree I saw many different things. I had the opportunity to talk to a woman and hear her story. The experiences of these women may vary and the one I talked to had a positive outlook on her future but she also stated that many women in the shelter are extremely negative and only dwell on the awful things that have happened to them in the past. This woman was abused and left with her cat and found herself homeless and right now she is trying to get a job and get back on her feet, she says she hopes to get out of The Shade Tree in a few months.
When I was doing volunteer work at The Shade Tree I specifically served food to the women and children that lived in the shelter. While I was there, there were many things that I saw. I saw moms struggling to care for their children, their children were often dirty and wore the same clothes almost everyday. I saw nice people as well as bitter people. Some of the women were so thankful and always thanked myself and other volunteers for our service but there were others who were unappreciative and rude and demanded things.
After my service I got the opportunity to interview the volunteer coordinator Cara Golbourne about the problems she sees with domestic violence at The Shade Tree. One major benefit that helps women with domestic violence at The Shade tree is they accept pets, so women can escape their abuser and bring their pets with them. Often women will escape their abuser and be living on the streets with their pets and they do not have to ability to proper care for their pets. When they leave their abusers home they will seek help and if they do not find the help that they need they will end up on the streets and The Shade Tree makes domestic violence a priority. There are many things that The Shade Tree does to help the victims of domestic violence. They offer life skills classes to help empower the women and to help them educate themselves. There are therapy sessions offered where they can talk with one person or a group of people, other victims, in order to heal. In order to improve self-esteem victims can participate in makeover events where they get their hair and their makeup done for free. Lastly, The Shade...

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