Homeless Veteran Time Lapse Transformation Essay

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In Rob Bliss’s video “Homeless Veteran Time-lapse Transformation”, Bliss asserts his claim that society’s perception of your physical appearance is essential to take control of life and be successful. Rob Bliss takes a creative look at the transformation of Jim Wolf, US Veteran, through his physical transformation.
Rob Bliss effectively creates his argument with his character choice for this video. Choosing an older man, who clearly by his status has been through many life experiences, appeals directly to the audience’s emotions. Although not a child, Jim’s age plays a grand factor in the perception of this video. Looking at Jim at the beginning of the video he looks about the age of 65, seeing someone at this age and in this state breaks hearts. A big element Rob creates is a sense of passion. If Jim were an adult aged twenty-thirty, would the reaction from the audience be different? Of course! Jim is well into life, not counting the fact that he is a United States Veteran, public reaction can be assumed to care and become more passionate about Jim’s state than that of a young adult.
Jim’s physical appearance (clothing, impression) generates a source of development for Bliss’s argument. Dressed in a light jacket and large baggy shirt, Jim looks as though he has owned these articles of clothing for a long time. When thinking about the homeless typical thought is “dirty”, “grungy”, “filthy”, yet Jims clothing and self are relatively clean. No traces of dirt can be seen from the camera. Moving to the impression given from Jim, there is a subtle humbleness about him. Facing the camera, looking straight into the lens, Jim looks not so much confident as gentle. Rob Bliss expertly develops this with the contrasting, yet appealing colors.
Bliss’s choice of using a veteran jolts the public into a realization state. Serving his country puts Jim into a different class than just the average homeless person. Titling the video “Homeless Veteran Time-lapse Transformation” and releasing it just in time for Veterans Day gives a direct appeal to pathos. Generating over fifteen million hits, and the thought provoking comments this video clearly appeals to the audience’s emotions. Bliss effectively uses this mans status as “United States Army Veteran” to his advantage when promoting Degage Ministries. This ministry works with disadvantaged individuals and gives them “hope”. Degage offers help to all individuals, yet this video doesn’t show the ordinary person on the street. This video purposefully shows a Veteran to get donations and to “give a hesitation to those that tune out”.
Continuing further with Bliss’s argument, Rob Bliss successfully portrays society’s identity perception of success. Taking a homeless man, societies throwaway, giving him a pleasant, acceptable hair cut for his age, and dressing him in what would be considered work apparel, then sending him off into the world to better himself. Society says looking like you succeed, is how you...

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