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Homeless Veterans Essay

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In the United States homeless has been an ongoing problem with there being thousands of people without homes, jobs, and adequate health care. A percentage of those people are military veterans who fought for our country. The Veterans Affairs Department has done countless studies to try to figure out why they are falling victim of homelessness. In this paper, I will give an in-depth look at the causes, treatment, and after care of homeless veterans. Looking at war history to see if maybe there is a link to being on the street, looking at the mental health, substance abuse, and the treatment of these men and women who have giving all to keep us free. This paper will look at war history, Mental Health/Substance Abuse/ Health Problems, Care and Treatment for Veterans and after care for homeless veterans.
War History
Veterans have fought for this country for many wars. When the veterans returned from World War one and World War two, they were greeted as heroes. They were given the best treatments available and people took notice if they were struggling. Research has found that Veterans are at an increased risk for homelessness since 1975 following the Vietnam War (Tsai, Mares, & Rosenheck, 2012 B).During the Vietnam War, there was so much turmoil. Vietnam exposed the veterans to longer combat and death of so many people. People protested the war; they did not want our troops to be involved. When the veterans returned they were treated like second-class citizens because people felt they sold out for fighting this war. People spit on them, yelled names at them, and really bullied them. This war was longer than the other wars so they had more exposer to combat. The veterans were forgotten and slipped through the cracks and treated as if they did not exist. Dessert Storm brought to light Post Traumatic Stress disorder and that veterans were living on the streets. Iraq war brought forth the effort to help get them off the streets and into treatment. Even though we have come back full circle to help the veterans, there are still thousands on the street.
Homeless Veterans
Homelessness is a public health problem for over three decades and veterans are great concern do to their fighting for our country (Tsai, Pietrzak, Rosenheck, 2013). There has been great effort to end homelessness among veterans in recent years. In the last few years, they have reduced the numbers an estimated 17.9 %( Carlson, Garvet, Macia, Ruzek, & Burling, 2013). Veterans still make up about 7% of the homeless population even though the department of Housing reported 13% of homeless were veterans, which is an estimated 63,000 homeless as of January 2012(Carlson et al, 2013). The most recent data estimates that one seventh of the population of homeless consist of veterans, which is about 75,000 on any night in the year (Schinka, Schinka, Casey, Kasprow, &Bossarte, 2012). Sociodemographic characteristics the majority of homeless veterans are white, unmarried, unemployed,...

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