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Homelessness And Poverty Essay

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A house is simply a structure where one lives, sleeps and eats. A home is a structure accumulated with love, memories, and lessons learned. “Homes have stopped being homes. Now they are real estate.” (Quindlen) These structures are no longer viewed as places of experience and reminiscence, they are given a literal and unemotional purpose. Perhaps the reason as to why nearly one million people are homeless is because they are no longer provided with the pure substance of what a home represents. A home is “everything” , one cannot be a fulfilled individual without one for it offers a sense of self, demonstrates a loving relationship and provides an unfailing feeling of entitlement.

The presence of a home is a direct reflection of the individuals living in that home. “You are where you live”, stated Anna Quindlen in her article Homeless. Where one lives is a representation of how they feel about themselves. It reveals their perception and value of life. Home life breeds compassion and character. “I don’t believe that one is born compassionate.” (Ascher) She also goes on to state that “It must be learned and it is learned by having adversity at our windows, coming through the gates of our yards…”. The physical attributes of a home serve a vital purpose in one’s emotional growth. Could one learn about the beauty of nature if it had not been for the windows in a home? Would one be able to discover their love of cooking if they didn’t have a kitchen to explore their interest? These characteristics and passions are derived from the objects and rooms of a home. They permit experiences that a human cannot undergo if it weren’t for a household. Quindlen expresses her importance of the little things such having a “drawer that holds the spoons” by stating “No window to look out upon the world. My God.” (Quindlen) Without a home, one cannot be a fulfilled individual, for a home provides a structure for exploration, even within its own...

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