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Homelessness And Schizophrenia Essay

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Psychiatric disorders can lead to many types of problems. These problems can range from housing instability, to disease, and even death. Having a disorder and lack of stable living conditions most often further complicates the overall health and the care this is a bit confusing for a homeless adult. Without the proper health care the mind will become even more unstable. This does not automatically follow logically. Individuals with severe mental illness soften most times with homelessness because of their inability to accomplish daily tasks and earn money. Mental illness is serious and severe and can have a domino effect on one’s life and those surrounding the individual. The hand in hand relationship that homelessness shares with mental illnesses is disturbing. One of the many mental disorders that can lead to homelessness is Schizophrenia.
Stating that an individual has a mental illness can be interpreted many ways, however it is usually defined and understood as a psychological disease or disorder. The severity of the illness determines how much of an individual’s daily functioning will be affected. The ability to care for one’s self, a home or household and the ability to maintain an intimate relationship are lost. Homeless people with mental disorders remain homeless for longer periods of time and begin to have less contact with family and friends. Mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia or severe depression, can cause a strain on family and other social relationships (Hawkins and Abrams 2007). Studies have examined what the quality of life is like after discovering that one has a mental illness, those who become homeless and other studies focus mainly on treatment options. Suffering with a mental illness makes it more difficult to gain employment. Having poor health, also cripples the individuals desire to seek help, and whether they can receive help or not is another issue.
Studies that take a deeper look into the rates of homelessness could lead to better treatment and help. It is especially important to study mentally ill homeless individuals that have substance abuse since these individuals are one of the most disadvantaged groups among homeless persons (Levine and Huebner 1991). There is no one explanation as to why an individual who is mentally ill will begin abusing their bodies with drugs, it is known though that when substance abuse and mental illness are combined contact with law enforcement is inevitable. All people with mental disorders, including those who are homeless, require ongoing access to a full range of treatment and rehabilitation services to lessen the impairment and disruption produced by their condition (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2003). Most people with mental disorder do not need hospitalization, what they do need is better housing options and more treatment options and but can live in the community with the appropriate supportive housing options. Further studies do show however that...

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