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Homelessness; Effects And How To End It

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Approximately, the world accompanies 100 million people, surviving without a home or place to live, let alone sleep discovers USA today reporter Windsor Mann. Homelessness is a problem that is so much more than what people may see it as. The small percentage 3.5% is the percent of how an homeless our country accompanies compared to worldwide numbers. Only about 3.5 million people are homeless in America, which doesn’t impact the world’s overall numbers of 100 million near as much as other third world countries.
It doesn’t matter what country; Japan, Russia, New Zealand, or even France, there are homeless people wandering the streets searching for a place to stay night by night. The numbers of homeless people have recently been growing. America is trying to help with homeless children by placing them into foster homes. A foster home basically is a home where someone agreed to take in children to feed and care for, not just a few, dozens of them, so that they are safer and off the streets. Cheryl Zlotnick, children’s health service and public health researcher discovered that a whopping 70% of homeless mothers are not with their children or child. 25% of those children that are separated from their biological parents are currently in foster homes.
Cities such as New York City are beginning to try to help these homeless people overcome what they’ve been through and help them back up on their feet. This assistance is known as Operation Home; simply stated, this project or operation is directed at military veterans to eventually end veteran homelessness starting in New York City but eventually being broadened to all homeless. The US department of Veterans Affairs partnered with homeless services to put this operation in to affect as soon as possible. The main goal of this task force is to have not a single veteran sleeping on the streets in a time span of five years. If a veteran has certain substance abuse problems but is willing to get rehab or quit this habit then they’re eligible to get special housing and also financial assistance to afford this housing. There are several other things that the city of New York is doing to get veterans off the street.
Throughout all of the people around the world, young people are the...

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