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If you do not already know what homelessness means, it is someone who is not able to live in a stable residence because of financial or psychological problems, so they are forced to live on the streets or put themselves on the streets, because they feel it would be a better fit. Homelessness in Canada is a very large and concerning issue because of the growing population.
We need to ask our selves what causes homelessness, why are so many youth involved with homelessness and what can we change so that the homelessness problem in Canada lessens? Many people put the issue of homelessness aside because there are many programs that people can go to so that they can get help but not all people have the capability to push themselves to turn their lives around. The basic needs in your own life like food, water, personal hygiene and a place to sleep are something that the homeless do not have. Everywhere we look nowadays you see homeless people including in the streets of Toronto, which is said to have one the highest homelessness populations in Canada.

The homeless youth is a term that is used to say how a large group of youth run away from home, unaccompanied youth, someone who has forced their child out of the house or leaves them behind somewhere, and also youth who are in foster care.
The youth homelessness population is increasing because of the many challenges that these children or teens face in everyday life; It also continues getting larger every year because of the many youth who are getting into dangerous situations that force them to be homeless or thru their own choosing. One third of the homeless population is between the ages of 16-24, which is incredibly young and it is the prime years for an adolescent or young adult to be receiving an education so that they will be able to have a future (Snow, D., A Roof Over Our Heads (2008) Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Canada. Canada West Foundation).
In youth homelessness these children, adolescents and even young adults are being exposed to many dangerous drugs, alcohol, and people.
Youth who live on the streets are there for two main reasons either they chose to leave the home because of the living situation or they will leave home because they are kicked out or drugs and alcohol have led them onto the streets. 20% of the homeless population is youth and it is increasing every year because of the changes that our generation is going through and being affected by. The rates of suicide in homeless youth are 10.3 times larger then an average Canadian youth. (McKay, E. (2009). Independent Living Accounts: Leaving Homelessness in the Past.).
Many youth who have or are still living on the streets have faced sexual or physical abuse from an adult at some point in their lives and the data states that 61% of all youth face this (McKay, E, (2009). Seeing the Possibilities. The Need for a Mental health Focus Amongst Street-Involved Youth: Recognizing and Supporting Resilience. Toronto:...

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