Homelessness In Tempe, Az Essay

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Currently, there are very scores of homeless individuals in Tempe; the authorities of the city have put in place a number of strategies to help address the problem of homelessness among the residents. Although several proposals have been instituted to address the problem, this paper only looks at three of them: the National Coalition for the Homeless (2006), Lois M Collins, Desert News, and Fehr-Snyder, The Arizona Republic. The paper seeks to explain why the National Coalition for the Homeless is the best among the three strategies.
The National Coalition for the Homeless (2006) is the most effective strategy as it seeks to address the problem of homelessness through various means, including volunteer work, advocacy efforts, and contributions. Firstly, the strategy requires people to volunteer their time to work directly with the victims of homelessness in the city to help them meet their immediate needs. People can volunteer their time to work with children in various programs, share hobbies, and help build houses and shelters among others (Miller, Hess, & Orthmann, 2011). This is extremely important and can help victims of homelessness to acquire some of the basic needs they lack.
The strategy also promotes advocacy, which requires people to work together with homeless individuals to push for positive changes in programs and policies on the federal, state, and local levels. The changes, if well enacted, can lead to development of workable strategies for addressing the issue of homelessness in the city (Miller, Hess, & Orthmann, 2011). The strategy, by advocating for the inclusion of homeless individuals in developing policies and programs, ensures that the designed strategies have a positive impact in addressing the problem.
Lastly, the strategy encourages people to extend their concern and support to homeless individuals by making contributions to help them meet their daily basic needs. People can contribute a variety of items, including clothing, household goods, books, and immaterial items, such as job opportunities and...

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