Homelessness Is No Longer An Issue

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Every night there is one child that gets tucked in a warm, comfortable bed at home by his mother and father and another child waiting for the church to be unlocked for the night because that is his only choice of shelter for the evening. The “Great Recession” isn’t over for so many of America’s youth, though many would disagree considering our President declared its end in 2009. Out of the millions of children living in the Unites States, 1.6 million are homeless. Who or what do we blame for some many children having to live without a home? Do we blame the recent hurricane for kids being on the street? Do we blame the stock market crashing or the young mother who ended up pregnant before she could graduate high school and was kicked out by her parents? No, we do not blame anyone or anything for the homeless of America; we focus solely on fixing the problem. The problems and experiences that the homeless has to face are sometimes more traumatic than most what housed families have gone through in all of their lives, poor kids just cant do anything about it though.
Considered “The Great Recession,” the time period between December of 2007 and June 2009 was hard for almost every American. Once $8 trillion in housing money was lost, those who once provided for themselves could no longer do so. The U.S. labor market lost 8.4 million jobs (or 6.1% of all payroll employment) in 2008 and 2009. When compared to the recession in 1981, the Economic Policy Institute stated, “Job loss was 3.1%, or only about half as severe.” A year and four months after the recession was supposedly over, the economy was still dealing with 5.4% less jobs than it did before the recession even started.
The “Great Recession” caused over 46 million to have to live in poverty right now. The child poverty rate has increased in over 30 states since the year 2000, with the Southern states, unfortunately, having to feel the repercussions worst than any other region. Out of everyone in America under the age of 18 years of age, over a fourth of them are considered poor. About 20% of American children have at least one parent who is underemployed or unemployed. These numbers have just about doubled in comparison to the data collected at the beginning of the Great Recession.
This catastrophe with the U.S. economy caused so many families to not only have to live a whole life, but to even do it apart from each other. A lot of families broke up because of the emotional strain that their financial situation had brought upon them. Contrary to popular belief though, single mothers are not the only ones that go through the struggle of being homeless with children. A good 47% of homeless men have children younger than 18, and out of that 47% though, unfortunately, only 7% live with at least one of their kids. Now, of course, homeless woman have to face the sane problems when they are homeless mothers. Unlike 93% of homeless fathers, that don’t get to see their children, out of...

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