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Homelessness Written Essay

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OutlineIntroductionStatement of the problemResearch questionsHypothesisLiterature reviewData analysisHomelessnessIntroductionHomelessness has become a major problem in the society. According to research, people have become homeless while scores of others are falling into the same situation courtesy of a number of reasons. This societal mishap could soon become a disaster if measures are not taken to restore the situation. In America for instance, more than two million people are homeless. The number of individuals under similar circumstances is increasing with each passing day. In essence homelessness refers to the situation where people live in streets; make up shelters, cars and other open areas. Some of these people cannot afford a home while others are homeless by virtue of certain problems. The aim of this paper is to propose a study that will take a look at the situation of homelessness in society. The paper will take a deeper look at homelessness and previous studies on the same.Statement of the ProblemHomelessness and family support networks is much better than poverty. This is because poverty is mostly overstated. Homelessness as mentioned is a circumstantial event in every individual and it is temporal. On the other hand, poverty has permanency. Everybody scorns being homeless at given time. The circumstance of homelessness is accompanied by emotional, psychological and emotional disturbance. Homelessness has become a major problem both in developed countries and the developing country. The rise of street families and other homeless people is a society time-bomb. In most cases, homelessness is assumed to result from lack of financial resources. The nature of family relationships prevailing in the society plays a great role in the creation of homeless people. It is true that lack of finances and resources especially for the low income earners is a major cause of the menace of homelessness. However this is just responsible for a small; number of homeless cases in the society. Abuse and violence in families account for a good amount of homeless cases. The abuse of alcohol by parents is another contributor to the problem of homelessness. Psychological and social factors play an important role in the whole problem of homelessness.Research QuestionsThe study explores the situation of homelessness in the society will involve the analysis and evaluation of various aspects that play a role in the whole situation. There are two research questions covered in the study. First, how does substance abuse contribute to homelessness? As mentioned previously, substance abuse is one of the negative connotations that result to homelessness. Second, what could be the reason behind the growing cases of homelessness?HypothesesHomelessness as a social ill is caused by a number of causal agents. First, substance abuse accounts for the highest cases resultants to homelessness. Parents abusing substances have high tendency of developing violent...

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