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Homemade Remedies To Help With Acne

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Acne is a disease which is a real problem to almost everyone and more so during adolescence but what many don’t know is that there are easy do it yourself home remedies for acne. You can use the following simple effective methods to treat acne.
1. Baking soda mask
It’s easy to make a baking soda acne mask to get rid of that troubling look. All you need to have is baking soda, towel and some water. You follow the following steps;
i) Form a thick paste by mixing a spoonful of baking soda with some water.
ii) Use some hot water to wash your face and dry with the towel.
iii) Take the paste and apply a thin layer of baking soda mask and let the mask to stay on for not more than 20 minutes.
iv) The final step involves washing the baking soda mask with warm water and drying your face with a towel. Repeat this for 2-3 times every week to treat acne until it heals.
This method is beneficial in that it’s all natural, doesn’t have irritating fragrance, it’s cheap, no alcohol and easy to use. However, you should not use this method if your skin is allergic to the mask or it dries out your face.
2. Honey cleansing
In this method you can use honey in four different ways to treat acne. You can use honey only or make a mask with honey and sugar, honey and corn flour or honey with lemon.
i) When using honey only first wash your face and then apply about ½ teaspoon of raw honey on your face and by use of dampened fingers massage your face and then rinse. Repeat this every morning until your acne heals. Honey prevents acne breakouts and also removes excessive oil without making the skin dry.
ii) When using honey and sugar mask, you require a tablespoon of sugar and the same amount of honey. You mix this to form thick and rough dough. Apply this dough on your face and neck in circular motion of the fingers. Use this method until acne is no more.
iii) When using honey and corn flour, mix a tablespoon of corn flour with a tablespoon of honey and...

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