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Homeschooling: A New Way Of Learning

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It was a beautiful day in May and school was being let out, as everyone was looking forward to summer, my brothers and I were deciding on being homeschoolers. This decision changed my life for the better and I was able to learn a great deal of knowledge and spend quality time with my family. My experiences as a homeschooler led me to want to research homeschooling and how it has affected others. Where homeschooling remains to be one of the fastest developing trends in America and that very trend is spreading worldwide. The number of students being homeschooled has increased greatly, to about 1.1 million from 1999 to 2003, according to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education. With many new and exciting statistics being put out daily, such include homeschoolers surpassing the national average on both the SAT and ACT by a great amount, with more than 74% of homeschooled adults taking those scores and heading to college, opposed to the 46% of the general population, supported by the studies of the Home School Legal Defense Association (Home-schoolers Facts). Through the progression of homeschooling, various ways of learning at home have been developed and many individuals have prospered because of homeschooling. Home schooling isn't for everyone, but for some, it provides a great learning environment and experience that could not be obtained at a public school system.
Evidently, there are many prosperous public and private schools, but homeschooling exemplifies an accurate form of learning, directing a student into natural learning opportunities; this being a known fact, not a new concept. Prior to the urbanization of America, a time when attending school wasn't possible, children were taught at home, learning basic fundamentals, like how to read, write, and compute simple math functions. Although those days have passed, the way of learning hasn't; a knowledgeable teacher and a willing student remain to be the key components to a great learning environment. (Ballmann 24-25) Reasons for parents homeschooling include their disapproval of the public school environment, wanting to implement religious and moral instructions, and the need to maintain a higher quality of academic direction. As the number of parents homeschooling and students partaking in such a form of learning increases, so does the effect upon our nation and community.
When someone is teaching or learning as a homeschooler, they will find that there are many options as to how the education could be provided. It can be administered by way of textbook, online classes and procedures, or through classes that some places offer, as a form of assistance to homeschoolers nationwide. While the innovation of the learning process has expanded and flourished, the hurdles for the homeschooling community exist all the more. Such hurdles include disbelief in the system by outsiders, lack of support, and the inability for homeschoolers to take part in public...

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