Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling Essay

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Not knowing all the facts and without thinking into the future, many

parents blindly consider homeschooling over public education. Several parents

believe having their children stay at home with them and the family all day would

assemble a better environment for them. Homeschooling doesn't just lack in

socialization, but in education, resources, facilities, extra curricular activities, etc.

Parents and children must accept much more additional responsibility along with

tasks in their everyday lifestyle.

Public educators rarely ever make a mistake while teaching a lesson. They

are also sufficient and experienced in what they teach. Not only can home tutors

and parents easily make mistakes, but they aren't professionally trained to teach

such courses and subjects at a standard level. Jennifer Lynch, a former

homeschool student, said "My tutor taught me how to do math functions a

completely different way, 'til this day I struggle." Considering 47% of

homeschooling parents are either only high school graduates or did not graduate

from high school or have completed less than two years of college, they do not

have faultless education in any area of study, thus parents and tutors not able to

teach the student with efficiency or accuracy ("Objections to Homeschooling").

Even when parents and tutors are making mistake in what they are

teaching the students, they would never know. In public education, a fellow

teacher or even a student could point out what the errors but at homeschools

mistakes are left uncorrected.

When parents become the homeschooling teacher, they must not only set a

positive example, but they must also cope with the children in a professional

manner. Parents and their kids unconditionally have to learn to accept each other

the way they are and manage their differences twenty-four hours a day. Personal

problems may also conflict, at public schools, a teacher would notice when a child

is being abused, students at home with abusive parents have no one to look after

them ("The True Cons of Homeschooling").

Homeschooled students most may become unconditionally dependent.

Their parents would basically do everything for them, supply them with what they

need, choose who their going to be friends with, tell them where to go and not to

go, etc. Children would never learn the art of decision making or accomplish


Statistically, homeschooled children have difficult personalities. Studies

showed more than 30% of homeschooled students are unable to speak

comfortably with strangers and have a lower self-esteem, studies also show that

they are doubtlessly shy compared to the average public school student ("Stats on

Homeschooling"). Public speaking becomes impossible for most homeschooled

students and throughout their lives they tend to deal with this minor but

important problem....

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