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Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling: What Is Best For The Disabled Child

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In 2009 only 13.2% of disabled children attended public schools (U.S. Department of Education). By improving the programs and teachings this cultivates the amount of disabled children in public schooling. When in a school environment with a disabled child the question to be brought up is, should or should they not be treated differently? When teaching a disabled child it is not comprisable to treat them differently even in a more public environment but, it must be done discretely. In the manner of treating children differently in school it is right to abide by state and federal laws, the school board, and ethics. Going by all of these range of rules schools have to go through and somehow some public schools tend to bend and break the rules. Something so easy to abide by yet so many school systems mend them to their own liking. This is why school boards should uphold and strengthen the rules of disabled children in public schooling.
Working with a disabled child is a very tricky task and most do not know how to handle this type of situation. A child with a disability learns differently because of their brain structure compared to children who are not learning disabled. When the child is not reaching developmental milestones it is a teacher’s right to report it to the parent but, in most cases this does not happen. This factors in on why children with disabilities are not treated with the right care and guidance.
In the abundance of following laws and procedures, most public schools are more obligated not to follow them. This is why school boards should tighten the leashes on public schools administering to disabled children. Laws are enforced to make sure that disabled children feel comfortable in school, but in most cases they do not.
An act established in 1975 called the Education for All Handicapped Act states that disabled individuals with ages ranging from three to twenty-one have the right to an education; no matter what disability. With this act, a child is allowed to have a free public education under any circumstance and to also be placed in the most possible normal setting. In example this handicapped individual may take a nondiscriminatory test; undermining their knowledge and capabilities.
Though this law is about thirty years old,, it does not meet the capabilities for what a disabled child needs in this millennium. When placed in a classroom, setting a handicapped individual should not be placed in a normal setting per say but be placed in a class with children of the same capabilities as their own. This act is not to be discriminatory, but only to make a handicapped child be more comfortable with their surroundings. When placed in an environment where people have more capabilities than another can be intimidating and can discriminate towards that individual. If a highly capable student were put in a classroom with handicapped students would this not daunt the more capable student? When putting a handicapped student in a...

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