Homestead Homicide A First Person Narrative Told From The Perspective Of A Little Girl Who Helps Her Father Kill Wage War On A Group Of Indians For Settlement. 715 Words.

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September 4th, 1886 It's been three weeks since I watched Pa beat that Algonquin boy to death. Patied his dark hands to the fence post and whipped him until he was limp. Since settling here, some two years ago, at least ten head of cattle have beenstolen by the Algonquins. The government men haven't gotten to this part of theterritories yet. They say it's too remote and that we'll have to clear out them Indiansourselves. Course, if Mother were still with us, she'd talk Pa into taking a more Christian tone with "them savages" as she called them. But, coming down from the north last winter was too hard on her heart, and she went to her maker some nine months ago. Pa hasn't talked to God since. Only Pa directs Pa now. Early this morning, at least two hours before sunup, Pa and I set out along the ridge on the north end of the homestead. According to Pa, the Algonquins usually stick close to the creek bed, to fish and get water, when they ain't stealing our herd. We stayed back behind the tree line, so as to make sure no one could see us if they was looking up from below. Pa reckoned that ol' trail should be pretty deserted at this time of season, and if we did run into any tomahawk throwers, he and I would be able to kill them quick. After all, I had two rifles slung on the side of my horse and an old hatchet Pa gave me some two years ago. We led the horses farther along the ridge, keeping just close enough to see the small valley below. A set of boulders just ahead marked the clear area overlooking the Indians' settlement. Pa sniffed the air. "Smell that," he said "cooking breakfast. They'll be inside the tents for a bit. Tie up the horses and let's rest a bout." Pa rolled a smoke and sat against an old tree trunk. He took his two rusted revolvers out of their holster and loaded them. "You check your guns?" "Yes sir," I nodded. "Got...

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593 words - 2 pages Mr. Darcy says about her beauty, "She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me...". This generates a very interesting effect on the reader. Since we know Lizzy is eavesdropping on their conversation, we cannot help but feel pity for her, for she is deemed as "not handsome enough". Therefore, through the narrative perspective, the narrator gives us a bigger understanding of Lizzy. In addition, the narrative perspective helps the reader

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1010 words - 5 pages In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the story is told by a young girl called Jean-Louise Finch but also known as Scout aged five at the start of the book almost turning six who in the book is quite unique as she could read at the age of six and understand her fathers profession as a lawyer. The story is about Scout growing up in the southern state of Alabama in a small town called Maycomb with her brother Jem and her father called

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1608 words - 6 pages perspective is taken we overlook the important sensations, thoughts and feelings of what it's like to be human. Daniel Dennett on the other hand insists the first person approach can not be trusted (5) and prefers to study consciousness objectively from the third person. He is an American who embraces the materialist approach and rejects dualism (6). This essay will look in more depth at each individual's position as a theorist of consciousness and

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564 words - 3 pages still had her usual faded blue jeans and yellow jersey. They both had stains on the left side from Kasey sliding her way into home plate. I am left-handed so I have stains on the right side of my faded blue jeans and yellow jersey.Just as I was thinking about them Steve and Rhonda walked slowly to the baseball diamond. They were both also wearing new caps just like mine. Steve had a stern look on his face as always. He is always so rude so it was no

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925 words - 4 pages sat down and discussed current events. Like new viper that was unveiled, or the Chicago Bulls on there way to win there sixth straight, or the Yankees (who I despise). It was like my test of passage was over. I was new until noon. By the afternoon I was just another person and to tell you the truth I felt relieved. What were expecting. Actually even now if you got me together with a bunch of my friends the conversation would eerily similar.All in


901 words - 4 pages society has on them and how this shows racial and social segregation. This symbol is repeated throughout the novel to remind the reader about the key theme of the novel. Miss Maudie and her azalea flowers represent her understanding but critical personality, Miss Maudie is critical towards those who are 'snobs' in society. We often see Scout say "Miss Maudie and her azaleas" whenever she thinks of Miss Maudie. Azalea flowers are a common and hardy

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622 words - 2 pages I rushed quickly with school supplies in the blazing heat to reach the elementary school. With a first glance numerous children stood around a flag pole in rows of grade level while a flag ceremony took place. As I gracefully continued to walk up to watch the flag ceremony, a comely little girl came up to me and presented a single flower and pinned it on my shirt. The appearance of the children's tattered clothing was impecunious and the

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846 words - 4 pages War of Heart and Mind The hospital was clean. Too clean. Corrosion, death and misery were masked only by the smell of sanitizer and disinfectants. What happened behind the doors of the operating theatres was a mother uttering her last words; a beloved sister who no longer smiled; or a father. A father. Katrina Harper thought of her own dad lying behind one of those doors. In the past thirteen months, she had been there too many times. She

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1559 words - 6 pages preconceived notion of a woman dancer's physique is short and slim with little or no curves. This is not the case for the dancers Printz works with. The dancers were of varied heights and weights. Some had more curves than others, and some were muscular. She does not choose her dancers based on any specific physical features, rather, the main characteristic Printz looks for in a dancer is whether or not they are able to dance with passion and

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986 words - 4 pages picked up and threw a two-pound weight at the field hand. It fell short, striking her on the head. She never fully recovered from the blow, which subjected her to spells in which she would fall into a deep sleep. The event was one moment of alienation, because when the overseer picked up the weight and threw it at the escaping field; he was disregarding Harriet Tubman as a person. Because if he did wouldn't have thrown if he did, as his actions

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1306 words - 6 pages Vice President. Simple enough, I went with the slogan, “Happy Days Are Coming”, fitting for the terrible depression America was facing at the moment. One of my first actions when I was in office, which began on March 4th of 1933, was the New Deal. The New Deal was part of my campaign that gave hope to America and had most likely won me the election. This “Deal”, were a group programs I set off after taking office in 1933, to help build the

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