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Did you know that homework is one of the greatest causes of student dropouts and failing? Homework has been a major debate across America ever since the beginning of the twentieth century. At first, homework was seen as a muscle that could be trained by learning and people enjoyed that learning could be done at home. This enthusiastic spirit did not last for long because in the forties, Professor H. J. Otto explained that, “Compulsory homework does not result in sufficiently improved academic accomplishment” (Otto 380). In the 1950s, with the launch of Sputnik, the United States feared that Russia would dominate the world in technology if homework continued to be unnecessary to complete. This incident has partially shaped our nation to more competitive with other nations. Yet again, in the sixties, researchers and educators feared that needless pressure on students was a symptom of doing too much homework. Educator P. R. Wildman wrote in the late sixties that homework does not meet its expectations when it blocks out social experiences, creative activities, outdoor recreation, and deprives students of their recommended daily sleep. Today, homework continues to grow in popularity for students entering high schools and higher education, but concern has grown over its benefits for all, but mostly elementary children. There are many crucial life skills that homework can provide for everyone, but it must be used appropriately and in moderation. According to researchers, such as Harris Cooper, homework must be limited, even though research does approve of its increased effectiveness as students grow older. Overall, America has witnessed major problems with homework overdoses because many of America’s families have become disrupted, the urge to improve test scores does not always come from doing homework, different ages deal better with specific types of homework, and problems with student behavior and attention in and out of school may arise.
Incorporating homework into the average student’s life can significantly improve academic achievement, the understanding of lifelong study skills, and appreciation of school. In order for students to solidify their core understanding of certain topics, homework must be used because it allows students to recall what they have learned outside of school and learning skills can be improved. “For example, Harris Cooper summarizes many of the positive outcomes that homework has on a student’s life. Cooper categorizes these outcomes into four different sections: immediate achievement and learning, long-term academic benefits, nonacademic benefits, and greater parental appreciation of and involvement in school. Under the first section, Cooper explains that one’s learning can progress rapidly because there will be an increased understanding, better critical thinking, greater concept formation, information processing, curriculum enrichment, and better retention of factual knowledge for a student in the learning process. In...

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