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Homework Questions For The Road Not Taken Poem Writer's Craft Homework Assignment

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1. Who is the speaker of the poem?
The speaker could be us, the reader, or maybe our subconscious. It’s believed that our subconscious where our deep thoughts and dreams come from. It wouldn’t seem too far fetched if this poem is being read for our subconscious perspective.
2. Who is being spoken to? Why?
You, the reader. The poem elaborates on something that every individual has gone through at least once in their lifetimes. Being conflicted between two decisions that both lead to different things. Naturally when we make our decision, there’s always the voice at the back of our mind that fills us with doubts so the poem may be trying to remind the reader about their past decisions and whether it was a good or bad decision.
3. Provide the meaning of the poem via your own words.
The poem is supposed to make you think of the “what ifs.” What would have happened if you chose the alternate route or decision. Many poems like this put things in perspective that leaves you wondering how your life may be different if you went a different way with your choices.
4. What is the overall message of the poem?
The overall message is to think about what’s happened in your life so far. Think about what choices led you here and what choices may have taken you somewhere else. It really puts things in a...

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