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Homework Should Never Be Assigned To Students

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Imagine, sitting at your desk. It’s 11:30 p.m., and the paper is peeling off your social studies poster. The numerous Spanish papers are spread across the messy floor. The research paper on George Washington is only half done. Your parents yell at you for being up way too late. Night after night, year after year, students deal with a tremendous amount of homework each night. Parents and children hope that homework, after students’ activities, will help children achieve academically. Yet, students spend hours on homework and find no academic achievement. Homework can cause a student to become stressed, or it can cause them to lose family time and sleep. A daily homework assignment is a non-beneficial way for students to be educated, and it causes detrimental effects to their lives; therefore, homework should be eliminated from a student’s daily schedule.
First, homework can have detrimental effects on a student’s life. A student can become stressed or overwhelmed with homework. In fact, Ethnographic research shows that an extreme amount of assignments can play a major role in people who become dropouts (Buell). In particular, statistics show that about 21.8 % of students will not graduate high school due to incompletion of homework or failing out of a class (Americas). Next, students can become disgruntled with school and can lose the motive to do their homework. Particularly, some students believe that their intelligence plays a major role in motivation. If a student does not understand the assignment, then it is likely that he or she will not complete the work (Explore). Another example, illustrates that homework is a big factor of childhood obesity. Students are practically forced to reside in their rooms and finish work. Large quantities of work stop the activity and does not benefit the student physically (Overweight). As a result, it is said that one in every three teens are obese. Finally, some parents even agree that school is like a job. In other words, a teen will go to school for a seven hour workday, and then he or she will come home and work even longer. Generally, students are physically exhausted after their long day of work, and they would like to relax. However, homework ties them down like a job, and most days they have to work a “double shift’ to help them advance in their occupation as a student (Kohn). Teens should not have to think of school like a job. They have the rest of their lives to have a career. In short, homework can cause detrimental effects, such as stress, obesity, and motivation loss on a young student's life.
Second, an extensive amount of homework can decrease the amount of sleep a student receives. For instance, if a student stays up late then he or she will most likely be exhausted and will not pay attention during class. Students have a tendency not to start their homework until later in the evening after school activities or their jobs. Sometimes students do not finish their assignments until after...

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