Homework, The Greatest Tool For Success!

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Homework, The tool for success.
“The typical student, even in high school does not spend more than an hour per day on homework” (Loveless NP). However, there is an ongoing dispute between critics on whether a lot of homework has more negative effects than positive effects, and vice versa. Homework is the greatest tool for student success, whether they realize it or not, homework is the key to success, it may not be to fun, but it has many positive effects. Homework improves academic success, it develops non-school skills, and it helps involve parents.
Homework attributes to student success. According to Harris Cooper, a comparison of homework with no homework shows that the average ...view middle of the document...

As of now, Bloomberg states that the United States is the most innovative country in the world, which is surprising since we do not generally study as much or receive the same amount of homework as our counterparts. Students should be assigned a lot of homework that is effective and not too difficult (50).
Another way large amounts of homework helps students is by involving parents. Involved Parents may want to know the school’s educational agenda while watching their kids progress carefully. Marzano and Pickering believe the parents should receive guidelines spelling out their role, and teachers don’t expect the parents to act like experts on the subject or try to teach the students. The parents should instead ask questions that help get the student thinking (6). Hoover-Dempsey and others (date?) said this about parental involvement, “Parental involvement in children’s homework appears to influence student outcomes because it offers modeling, reinforcement, and instruction that supports the development of attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors associated with successful school performance.”
Parents pay a big role in motivating their children to succeed and complete homework, they are a much need necessity”(35). Hoover is completely right here, most parents have gone through high school so they can offer modeling, reinforcement and good attitudes towards homework from their own personal experiences.
Equally important, a lot of homework leads to personal development. Such as student responsibility, perseverance, time management, self-confidence, feeling of accomplishment, raising of one’s self worth; it also develops and recognizes students’ wide range of talents and skills not taught in school. Responsibility comes from completing your homework on time. You will also need the perseverance to keep on going when you have a lot of homework to complete. And upon completing the homework, you learn to manage your time more efficiently and raise your self-confidence and sense of self-accomplishment.
There are a few negative effects of...

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